Why Basement Remains Damp? And How to Prevent It.

A leaky basement is the most common problem thousands of homeowners encounter across Toronto and surrounding areas. At some point of time, the Canadian basements are most likely to suffer from minor to serious plumbing problems. However, this doesn’t mean that the homes of Canada are poorly constructed. Its just that some mere faults in […]

5 Home Remedies to Unclog Your Home Kitchen Sink

Finding out that your kitchen sink is clogged can be one of your worst nightmares. In fact, the truth is that no matter how much maintenance and precaution you undertake, your kitchen sink is doomed to get clogged. A clogged kitchen sink can be a source of various health problems and therefore must be unclogged […]

Basement Turned into a Swimming Pool – Tips to Help You Prevent Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a serious issue for households located below the water table. It is also experienced by Toronto households during heavy rains. The reasons for basement flooding can vary and include drainage failures, presence of crevices or cracks in the foundation or basement wall of your home, sump pump failure, overflowing downspouts, failed backwater […]