What Happens if I Pour Grease Down the Drain?

It may be tempting to pour the remaining grease or oil down the drain after you’re done cooking. It seems simple enough: just pour it down the drain and never worry about it again, right?

However, if there is one thing every homeowner should know, it’s that grease does not belong in the drain. Even pouring a small amount of grease or used cooking oil into the kitchen sink’s drain can cause you numerous plumbing issues. You will be slowly creating a damaged drain pipe.

Let’s look at how these problems can arise and what you should do with the grease instead.

How Grease Damages Your Drains

Many homeowners mistakenly think It is okay to pour grease down the drain if they run hot water and pour dish soap after. However, grease should never go down the drain if you’re looking to avoid having a grease clogged drain.

Even if you pour the grease when it’s hot out of the pan, it will eventually cool down and solidify somewhere in the pipes. This will cause a gummy mess to form within the plumbing system and will catch or trap other debris that flows down the drain. Over time, this will result in clogs that could eventually bring your drains to a standstill.

The Proper Way to Dispose of Grease

An efficient and easy way to dispose of used oil or grease is to pour the contents into an empty jar, can, or another container you can screw tightly. Close the lid onto the jar or wait for the grease to cool and harder in the can. Then, you may proceed to throw it in the trash.

If you do not have any container available, you can wait for the grease to solidify in your pan or pot and then wipe it down with paper towels, which you will then need to throw away.

If the grease and oil build-up does somehow make it past your own home’s system, it will continue to damage the municipal sewer system. There will be masses of solid waste obstructing the sewer system. Thus, it is important to practice proper methods of disposing of grease so you can ensure your own family’s and community’s well-being.

Measures to Take if You Have Already Poured Grease Down the Drain

If you have been pouring grease down the drain for quite some time now, I am sure you’re frantically scouring the Internet on how to unclog a grease clogged drain. Not to worry, if you’ve already poured grease down the drain, then you can try the hot water and dish soap hack as a temporary solution to release some of the obstruction.

However, if you’ve been disposing of grease in your kitchen sink for years now, you may need to call a plumber. Oftentimes, calling in professional help is necessary to safely and effectively fix your grease clogged drain. They will have all of the tools necessary to unclog your drain thoroughly so your family can continue to have a free-flowing drainage system.

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