Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning in Toronto

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Revitalize Your Drains with Hydro Jet Cleaning Services in Toronto

If frequent drain blockages plague you, consider hydrojetting. Hydrojetting is a specialist plumbing procedure that involves directing jets of high-pressure water down your drainage pipes. Noninvasive and highly effective, the jets blast away detritus, dirt, limescale, and other unwanted contaminants, leaving your pipes free from obstruction.

The Santos Water team has the right skills and equipment to complete hydro jet drain cleaning in Toronto safely and effectively. Our team will always thoroughly inspect before we start, ensuring hydrojetting is the right solution to your problem. We have plenty of experience in carrying out the procedure, ensuring the safety of your pipes and property at all times.

Hydro jetting not only removes stubborn blockages but also blasts away the detritus down the pipe into the main sewage outlet rather than simply breaking the blockage down (which is what happens when a drain snake or similar is deployed).


Santos Water offers a complete solution to all your hydrojetting requirements in and around Toronto and the GTA.

Suitable for almost any type of property, hydrojetting in Toronto gives your drainage pipes a thorough clean that removes blockages and improves drainage.


With our commitment to efficiency and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on completing job quickly.


We believe in leaving no stone unturned when addressing your plumbing repair and installation needs.


At Santos Water Service & Drain, we take pride in providing long-lasting solutions for your plumbing needs.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Experts Serving Toronto and Surrounding Areas

When you opt to use Santos Water for your hydrojetting, you’re enlisting the services of a seasoned team of plumbing professionals. We have invested heavily in our equipment and staff training.

In the wrong hands, a hydrojet process can cause damage to your pipes. Our thorough assessment before commencing operations and skilled working techniques ensure the safety of your pipes and property at all times.

Hydrojetting offers a long-term solution to drain blockages. It’s powerful enough to blast away almost any obstruction—with pressures in excess of 3000pSi, even tree roots!

The big advantage that hydrojetting has over other forms of pipe cleaning is that it not only dislodges blockages and detritus but also flushes them away. This eliminates the risk of fragments remaining stuck to the pipe walls, which can continue to provide the basis for a future blockage.

Hydrojetting dislodges accumulations of fat, hair, soil, or other residue and flushes them away down the pipe.

Along with the blockage, hydrojetting will also take away build-up on the pipes, even if it isn’t causing an obstruction. Limescale, anaerobic bacteria and scum are all removed. It significantly improves the condition of your pipes, prolonging their lifespan and reducing the risk of future blockages.

Because hydrojetting isn’t the cheapest option, if you’re experiencing a blockage for the first time, we may clear it using a drain snake. Hydro jetting is recommended if you’re experiencing repeated blockages or want to improve the overall performance of your drainage system.

Provided the hydrojetting is completed by a suitably skilled and experienced technician, it’s suitable for any drainage setup. If a pipe is already in poor condition, it’s more likely to have an uneven interior that attracts accumulations. Hydrojetting at low pressure can remove stuck-on detritus before the pipe is relined in these situations.

As seasoned professionals, we understand how to work on pipes of all ages, materials, and conditions. Hydro jetting won’t damage a pipe that’s up to standard. If we spot a pipe needing relining or replacing, we will discuss your options before proceeding with hydrojetting.

In the hands of trained plumbing professionals, hydrojetting has several advantages over other methods of removing blockages.

  • In the first instance, hydrojetting can remove stubborn blockages that have become solidly wedged in the pipe. With pressures in excess of 3000 psi, a hydro jet can remove tree roots, fatbergs, and any other unpleasant accumulations.
  • The hydro-jet not only dislodges whatever is causing the blockage but also flushes it away deep into the main sewer network. This reduces the risk of another blockage building up based on detritus still present in the pipe.
  • A hydro jet removes the blockage and build-up on the inside of the pipe. This results in a smooth pipe interior, making it more difficult for particles to stick to. In turn, this lessens the possibility of an accumulation beginning to form.
  • Finally, hydro jets use no toxic chemicals and are a green, planet-friendly intervention.

Choose Santos Water for Your Hydro Jetting Needs

When you entrust the team at Santos Water with your hydro jetting work, you’re enlisting the services of a highly experienced, professional crew that have the equipment and expertise to do a good job for a fair price.

Santos Water is a well-known local plumbing and drainage service that has been operating across Toronto and the GTA for some years. During this time we have developed an excellent reputation for quality, value and dependability.

No matter what the job might be, you can rely on us to come out when we say we will, accurately diagnose the issue, provide you with a FREE quote before we start work, and, if you’re happy for us to continue, we’ll complete the work quickly and to the highest possible standard.

We have invested in state-of-the-art hydro jetting equipment and made sure that every member of our team has been fully trained in how to use the equipment properly. Santos understands the importance of regulating the pressure precisely to get the effective results without over-stressing your drainage pipe network.

Capable of successfully hydro jetting pipes of all shapes and sizes, we’re happy to take on challenging jobs as well as more straight-forward jetting projects. From Backwater valve installation to hydro jetting, we do it all. For more information on backwater valve installation costs in Toronto, call us today.


Emergency Plumbing Services in Toronto

Santos Water offers a complete emergency plumbing and drainage service to Toronto GTA residents 24/7/365. Locally based, we’re able to respond to any plumbing emergency promptly. Our well-stocked van contains everything necessary to effect a wide range of repairs. If we don’t have the needed part, we’ll ensure your plumbing is safe and complete the job promptly once the relevant part is available.

In addition to emergency hydrojetting, we also repair pipes and burst pipes, relieve blockages, and complete any other emergency work needed. Fully bonded, licensed, and insured, we offer a warranty on every job we carry out.