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Santos Water Service & Drain is a shining example of excellence in Toronto, a busy city where customers demand dependable water services. Santos Water Service & Drain has made a name for itself as a leading supplier of all-inclusive water solutions for both residential and commercial properties thanks to its unwavering dedication to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

Santos Water Service & Drain is a Toronto-based company that provides unwavering dedication to quality for homeowners looking for complete water services. Santos is committed to ensuring the dependability and effectiveness of water systems in residential properties throughout Toronto, offering a wide range of solutions designed to meet the particular needs of the city. Our team of knowledgeable technicians uses cutting-edge methods and cutting-edge tools to produce results that go above and beyond, from precise water line installations to timely repairs and proactive drainage solutions.

Residents of Toronto can rely on Santos Water Service & Drain’s knowledge, demeanor, and commitment to providing high-quality water services that will guarantee contentment and peace of mind for years to come.

Comprehensive Water Services
Comprehensive Water

Santos Water Service & Drain is a trusted provider of water services in Toronto,

Committed to delivering reliable solutions for residential properties.

Water Main Replacement

Regarding water main replacement, we stand out as the premier choice in Toronto.

Low Water Pressure

Our plumbers are equipped with tools to diagnose the underlying causes of low water pressure.

Emergency Services

We offer prompt and efficient emergency services to address your plumbing needs 24/7

Water Main Replacement

Several factors must be considered when determining a price. It depends on how far your home is from the main line, the cost of pipes, the labor, trees in your yard, whether or not you have a sprinkler system, and any other underground utilities there may be. It won’t hurt to get a couple of estimates, but remember that cheaper is not better. You get what you pay for. You may get a more affordable estimate but must get the best work done.

Water is a vital resource in any modern home. Keeping all the water lines in good condition is essential to prevent leaks. Proper maintenance of all the plumbing will ensure the house will not flood due to leaks and will also lengthen the life of the water supply lines, saving you money in the long term. Professional contractors will be needed to replace and repair the water line. They can carry out the work on both commercial and residential properties. They can fix leaks, upgrade the water pressure entering your property, and replace outdated, corroded pipes with new ones made of safer, more contemporary materials. Any old lead pipes should be replaced with new copper pipes, and a professional plumber can do this quickly and easily. It is best if this is done before the situation with the water line deteriorates and water begins to leak around the house’s foundation.

Homeowners often try rerouting and replacing water lines themselves, but it usually becomes a problem because there are issues that can only be fixed by an experienced plumber. A water line professional can replace rusted, cracked or lead pipes, whether underground or in your house. Several materials can be used for underground water lines, with copper and PVC being the most popular. Your property’s value will increase if your water lines are in good shape and are constructed of contemporary materials; leaks and damaged lines will decrease its worth. If you have leaks or low water pressure, it is a good idea to replace the lines from the water mains to your house. It can now be done using “no-dig” technology, so you will not need to worry about repairing your driveway or other areas of your property after the water line work has been done.

A new, undamaged pipe will create higher water pressure within your property, and the replacement work takes little time to carry out, with minimal disruption. However, the original water lines were not installed deep enough underground. In that case, a new line will need to be positioned further underground to ensure that it will not freeze in the winter and potentially crack or let the water through. A water line professional can also replace damaged pipes within your property. These are usually located within the walls or the floor; pipes under the floors are easier to access and, therefore, cheaper to repair or replace. An experienced Santos plumber will check the integrity of all joints and connections between pipes, ensuring no leaks and sufficient water pressure before the water line job is completed. Please call Santos today for a free quote on your water line project.

Santos Plumbers Toronto will replace various pipes from ductile to cast iron, clay, concrete, ABS, PE or PVC.

Please call us for more detailed information about the services in this category.

Low Water Pressure Solutions In Toronto

Imagine turning on the sink faucet only to find out that a few droplets come out instead of a stream of water. Imagine turning on the shower faucet to wash your hair, but only two streams of water come out of the shower head. It is called low water pressure. Here are some causes of the low water pressure in your home or business:

  • Water leaks
  • Debris in the water
  • Mineral deposit build-up
  • Low pressure to the house
  • Clogged water filters
  • Closed water shut off valves
  • Faulty water pressure relief valves

Santos Water has the solution no matter what’s causing low water pressure. If you are struggling with low water pressure, do not experience another disappointing shower! Pick up your phone and call us today – we’ll fix your water pressure problem in no time.

Water Pressure Problem Repair Services in Toronto

Low water pressure, or as Plumbers call it, low flow, can make even the simplest tasks difficult. Whether this problem has always plagued your home or has happened most recently, it can and should be resolved as soon as possible. If you have low water pressure in your home or business and want to enjoy excellent water pressure, all you have to do is call us.

A Santos plumber will come to your home or office, assess the water pressure problem, and quickly identify the cause. Whether you need us on the weekend or at midnight, our 24/7 emergency plumbing service is here to handle your plumbing problems in Toronto.

Our plumbers are highly trained and skilled in various residential and commercial plumbing issues, including leaky shower repair, clogged drains, and faucet repair. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee backs all of our products and services.


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