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Drain Services By Local Toronto Plumbers

Our plumbing company in Toronto provides affordable plumbing services to local inhabitants. Every building with has a drain or facility to provide the inhabitants of that building with the most basic amenity – water. Often these drains collect materials or junk that they cannot get rid of like debris, rags or mud. This affects the flow of water through the clogged drain. Gradual settlement of clutter inside the drain causes partial or full blockage.

We, at Santos, are devoted to plumbing and drain services. Our name is spread across major Canadian cities like Toronto, East York, North York and Scarborough. With the most innovative equipment, our experienced team of plumbers can aid you with all drain, plumbing and water related services.

Our Complete Range of Toronto Plumbing Services

  • Backwater Valve Installation – This service is widely opted by our customers. Due to blocked drains, the water level in the drains rises at such a level that it starts oozing out from the floor opening of the drain. This leads to filthy water on the floor that can cause an array of health problems. A backwater valve comes to use in such a situation. It checks whether the drain is building up the flow of water in the opposite direction or not. If it does, then it restricts it preventing sewer backup on your floor.
  • Drain Pipelining – Drains are prone to leaks through infiltration by roots of plants or trees. The roots need space to grow and if they need to break the drain for that, then they will certainly do so. To prevent that or to repair that, the existing or affected pipe is lined with a PVC membrane that can withstand huge pressure and is also leak-free. Basically, the inside of the pipe is coated with a lining that seals all cracks and spaces.
  • Drain Repair – Drain repair includes all kinds of repair solutions. The drains usually get a lot more than just water. This results in them clogging up with junk which ultimately leads to blockage. Blockage, infiltration or leaks can lead you to get your drain repaired. Our company, Santos, employs the best plumbing practices and equipment for all major or minor drain repair operations.
  • Drain Backup – Drain backup is the discharge of the sewer from the drain pipe onto the floor of the building due to blockage. When the drain is suffering from intensive clogging, there is increased risk of it backing up. Therefore it starts building up inside the drain and once it reaches on the floor level of the drain, it flows through that opening.

When such a scenario pops up, then there is danger for the inhabitants of that place because the sewer water that backs-up is full of dirt and germs. Call our expert local plumbers for immediate drain backup repair.

  • Drain Cleaning – We advise people to get drains cleaned within a specific time to stay away from drain problems. Drain problems, in most cases, arise due to an uncleaned or blocked drain. During drain cleaning we make use of techniques like drain snaking or even hydro-jetting to clean the insides of the drain. While drain snaking just pushes the junk from its position and allows it flow freely throughout the pipe, hydro-jetting on the other hand is a more advanced technique used to cut through the hardest dirt sediments and filth.
  • Drain Snaking– Drain snaking is an effective cleaning technique which is used against partially blocked drains. In this method, a steel or plastic wire is shoved up inside the drain with the help of a motor. This wire is then able to displace junk from its position. Once moved, the clutter then flows along with the stream of water and gets washed away making the pipe free from any blockage.
  • Building Trap Removal – Houses and building built before 1950’s had this fixture in their plumbing system. It performed an efficient function at that time which was to keep the odorous gases and the smell of sewer out of the house. It prevented smells from reaching the house. However, modern plumbing systems have independent traps in every pipeline eliminating the use of a building trap. Moreover, building traps cause blocked drains, infiltration, leaks and slow sewer operation. It is necessary to get rid of them. Our plumbers remove building traps within one day.
  • Drain Camera Inspection– Drains get affected by all sorts of irregularities like infiltration and leaks. To repair them properly, one needs to make sure about the exact location and nature of the fault. To do this, there is a need to inspect the drain and we, at Santos, do this using CCTV cameras. We drop a pipe with a CCTV camera inside the drain. The video that this camera captures can be viewed by the plumber on the screen. This way he can inspect the drain and locate the fault easily.

Our plumbing services company in Toronto is equipped with the latest equipment and a reliable team of plumbers to provide a host of plumbing services in the GTA. We are a licensed and registered firm that has served the Toronto region for decades.

Call Us For Any Water And Drain Services In Toronto And Our Responsive Team Will Be There Instantly.

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