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Inspection In Toronto

CCTV drain camera inspection helps in drain analysis and effectively resolves clogged drains and sewers with great precision.

Our plumbers in Toronto use the latest drain camera inspection technology to have clear access within pipes. This helps in accurate diagnosis and eliminates the guess work out of plumbing. This technology helps determine the exact cause behind hard-to-access underground pipes and sewer/drains.

In earlier eras, plumbers used to rip apart deep plumbing fixtures to repair minor problems. Tearing apart walls, ceiling, floors and basement was quite common. Not only did it create huge mess but it also cost a fortune. Back then, plumbing repairs meant debris, large costs and low efficiency. Fortunately, the CCTV drain camera inspection has turned the tide for Toronto plumbers and residents alike.

Drain and sewer cameras save time and money.

Drain analysis through a CCTV drain camera allows plumbers to pinpoint the problem accurately. The high definition video feed from the camera can show the problem areas in complete detail. Some latest models of CCTV drain cameras also have built-in audio feed that helps in certain specific situations.

Drain Camera Inspection features:

  • Sewer Camera Inspection
  • Drain Pipe Inspection
  • CCTV Pipe Inspection
  • Video Pipe Inspection
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Main Drain CCTV analysis
  • Plumbing Camera Inspection
  • Drain CCTV Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection Process

Understanding camera inspection is vital for both homeowners and plumbers before there is work done on your home plumbing system. It is a fairly simple process. We begin by locating a suitable entry point into your drain or sewer pipe. Next, our camera equipment is setup nearby. This equipment features a camera fitted onto one end of a cable. The other end is attached to the CCTV which receives the live feed from the camera. The cable is slowly inserted into the drain/pipe to get live video feed.

As soon as the camera reaches the problem area within the drain, the plumbers can take suitable action after analysis. The length of the cable inserted into the pipe helps identify the problem’s exact location. Live photos help decide whether to use hydro-jet cleaning process, pipe lining or a drain snaking process.

Common Sewer and Drain Problems

Here are some of the common problems that our plumbers in Toronto encounter during drain camera inspection. Via drain camera inspection we can certainly find some interesting things and provide instant practical plumbing solutions.

Structural drain problems are classified as:

  • Low areas (sags)
  • Tree root infestation or water infiltration
  • Broken/cracked pipes
  • Cross boring from other plumbing utilities

Cracked or Fractured Pipes – Fractured pipes are the most common problem encountered during CCTV inspections. Pipes can crack due to a myriad of reasons including ground pressure, tree roots, low-quality pipes and other environmental factors. Heavy vehicles can damage underground pipes as well.

Collapsed Sewer or Drain Pipes – Incorrectly installed drain pipes or old pipes can collide after some time. Wrong construction or low-quality materials are also the cause behind cracked pipes. This issue must be dealt with immediately since it puts enormous pressure on plumbing system.

Root Infestation – Tree roots are always on the hunt for underground water sources. And drain pipes are the perfect target. No matter which pipe you install, it will be infiltrated by roots after some years. And it is a serious issue when pipes are completely overtaken by infested roots. Debris accumulation also increases dramatically. Most likely, the section of the pipe is replaced.

Bellied or Settled Pipes – During pipe installation, if the ground beneath is not correctly tamped, the pipe settles down. When drains settle into the ground, the bellying problem occurs. Due to gravity, the water starts accumulating in the pipe regularly. It can further lead to root infestation, debris deposits and even pipe cracking.

Do You Really Need a Plumbing Camera Inspection?

Unfortunately most Toronto residents believe that plumbing issues are not worth regular concern. So, they skip or ignore the annual maintenance and inspection. Simple issues like slow drainage and low water pressure are ignored until they snowball into extremely serious issues. It is only when they bump into blocked drains that they call professional plumbers in Toronto. A timely CCTV inspection can save the headache and avoid costly repairs. A regular drain or sewer camera inspection is vital for plumbing maintenance schedule of your home.

Problems in sewer or drain line build up over years and because of this, a camera analysis is of vital importance to homeowners and real estate agencies alike. Though many homeowners undertake CCTV drain inspection when buying a new home, they rarely pay attention to this matter some years down the line. Imagine a gas line running close to a cracked water pipe. Drain camera inspection allows you to uncover hidden issues, such as broken underground pipes, and plan the home closing charges accordingly.

Santos – Precision Through Hi-Definition Drain Cameras

Santos Plumbers are the leaders in trenchless repairs after analysis through CCTV drain inspection. We find, analyze and efficiently resolve home and commercial plumbing issues. With new technology, like transmitters for water pipes and drain cameras, our experts respond to emergencies in effective way.

Our advanced CCTV drain inspection services are highly popular among local residents of North York, East York, Mississauga and Toronto. Our experts respond instantly to local plumbing emergencies with practical solutions.

Call Us Now For Emergency Home Drain Repair Services Along With CCTV Drain Camera Inspections.

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