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Hunting for best local plumbers to clean your home’s drains? Congratulations, you found the best one out there. When people think of clogged drains, the first thing that comes to mind is choked pipes filled with filth and scum. Often people surpass the thought of getting their household pipes and drains cleaned for regular maintenance thinking that it does not pose any problem. This misconception can definitely cause drain troubles.

Gradual accumulation of scum and sediments in the drain can lead to partial or total clogging of the drains. Once the pipes are clogged, they pose serious structural and health hazards for you and your family.

Are you willing to risk your family’s health by neglecting drain cleaning? Call us now for detailed drain cleaning services at the lowest prices in Toronto.

Professional Touch is all your Drains Need

Santos Plumbing Services are famous throughout Toronto for their drain cleaning services. People prefer us because of our innovative techniques, latest equipment and reliable plumbing team. Homeowners think they can clean their drains and pipes on their own, but they do not have the right skills and equipment.

Following are some reasons why you should hire professional service to clean the drain:

  • Right Experience – Our plumbers have the right experience and knowledge to clean the drains and pipes. Homeowners lack in this field and end up either making matters worse by using harsh chemicals that cannot clean the drains at all.
  • Right Equipment – Just like a car mechanic can’t do a heart surgery, homeowners can’t do cleaning of their drains. They do not have the right equipment. We, at Santos, have the latest cleaning equipment. Our best practices assure you a clean drain within minutes.
  • Saves time – No doubt you can get the equipment we use from the market, but you cannot buy the skills and knowledge to use them. That comes with time. It is better to call for professional help as they do it efficiently and quickly.
  • Saves money – You definitely save money by hiring experts to clean your drain. Many people think that it is cheap to do such things on your own, but actually it’s not. Professionals come with their own equipment and knowledge and operate with complete safety.
  • Effective cleaning – When professional plumbers are working to clean your drain, then rest assured your drain will be sparkling clean. We guarantee that efficiency matters a lot for our plumbers. We give high regard to customer satisfaction. In fact, we treat the drain in such a way, that it becomes resistant to any future problems.

Drain Snaking

For pipes and drains smaller in diameter but choked with considerable amount of debris, cleaning is done by drain snaking. Drain snaking uses a sturdy wire made up of either steel or plastic. This pipe is shoved in the drain deeper and deeper with the help of a motor due to which the accumulated debris gets dislocated from their current position. The filth thus created is passed out along with the water.

However, the situation is not always so easy. Sometimes, the drains accumulate years of dirt and sediments which become rock solid and cannot be treated with snaking. In that case, hydro-jetting comes in handy.

Cleaning Drains with Hydro Jetting

Usually homeowners and amateur plumbing companies end up using chemicals to clean the drain. We DO NOT recommend this. These chemicals are harsh and damage the pipes. Being extremely acidic in nature they ruin the drains. The situation inadvertently takes a turn for the worse.

We employ a more technologically advanced and fast method to clean dirty drains, that is – hydro jetting. This process demands a little bulky equipment, but it is certainly the most effective and safe way to clean the pipes and drains.

  • First a special tool is inserted in the pipe. This tool has nozzles in the front end to throw a high-pressure water stream. The front end of this tool can rotate due to the high pressure of jet stream.
  • The water stream is switched on and the front end of this tool starts blasting pressurized water. The power in this stream is so intense that it can easily remove the debris and blockages without affecting the pipe surface.
  • This method is quick, safe and very economical as compared to other methods. Moreover, it can clean any type of pipe.

Our company, Santos Plumbing Services, follows the most advanced and safe techniques to clean drains and pipes. We have more than hundreds of satisfied customers in Toronto. Our best price service guarantees you cleaner drains in no time.

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