Backwater Valve Installation in Toronto and Mississauga

The backwater valve is an important component of your home plumbing system. It prevents sewer waste from overflowing or backing up into other areas of the home. This helps eliminate sewer back-flow, which in turn can lead to basement flooding.

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We have secured our place as one the leading plumbing companies providing backwater valve installation services to both Toronto and Mississauga residents and businesses. We also regularly offer services to help residents of Toronto claim their City of Toronto flood prevention rebate. For more details on this subject, scroll below.

Eliminate Back-flow in Main Drains in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA

Toronto, Mississauga and GTA receive heavy rain and snowfall each year. This commonly becomes the cause of sewer back-flow throughout the region. It is also not uncommon for the municipal sewer system to back up, causing the home sewer drains to choke up. This, of course, results in a flooded basement. Fortunately, the City of Toronto provides up to $3,200 in aid for installing flood prevention devices in homes, including a backwater valve.

Backwater valves are perhaps the best insurance policy against the back-flow of sewer water. It is mechanically a one-way valve, meaning that water simply cannot push its way back into the home when it has been installed.

Backwater Valve Installation

As per Toronto Plumbing Law, every modern household must have built-in backwater valves installed during the construction phase. However, this means that many homes that were constructed before this law was implemented face the risk of basement flooding.

The flooding of a basement can also incur large costs. In harsh weather, water damage can cost an average homeowner up to a whopping $25,000. This means that it is essential to prepare in advance and do whatever possible to prevent loss and/or damage to your personal property. As we know that backwater valve installation can cost a great deal in Toronto and the GTA, we offer affordable backwater valve installation quotes to residents in Toronto, as well as to residents of Mississauga and the GTA.

Our Sewer Back-flow Prevention Services Include:

  • Main Drain Backwater Valve Installation
  • Sewer Backwater Valve Replacement
  • Sewer & Drain Backwater Valve
  • Sewer Line Backwater Preventer
  • Storm Water Backflow Prevention
  • Sewage Backflow Preventer
  • Backwater Prevention Valve
  • Main Drain Valve
  • Drain Backflow Preventer
  • Floor Drain Backwater Valve
  • Reflux Valve Sewer

Do You Require Backwater Valve Installation?

Most homeowners already know whether or not a backwater valve installation is required. Flood-prone homes most certainly need one installed. If the sanitary sewer drain is located at the top of a hill in a situation where homes are built on a sloped ground, the chances of sewage backup increase dramatically. A home situated downhill should also install backwater valves.

If you experience basement flooding in every season, we offer main backwater valve installation along with a host of other basement waterproofing services.

Backwater Valve Installation

How a Backwater Valve Works

Backwater valves were actually developed by an innovative plumbing contractor from Toronto! Prior to the invention of backwater valves, plumbers typically installed check valves on every sewer back line. This meant that every drain had its own back-flow prevention valve and that every house was littered throughout with back-flow valves. However, this made repairs difficult due to multiple out-of-sight valves. The large number of valves also made it difficult to identify which one was faulty if a basement flooding occurred.

Enter the backwater valve. It is installed on the primary sewer line of the home, thereby eliminating the need to install several check valves throughout the property. In natural open positions, it permits the outward flow of the sewage, along with venting of gases. This position allows an unobstructed flow of waste water. On the contrary, this one-way valve closes if the sewer water flows in a reverse direction, as is the case with flooding.

The invention of the backwater valve is a piece of Canadian ingenuity!

What is the Difference Between a Back-flow Preventer and a Backwater Valve?

Back-flow is a very generic term that applies to a wide range of plumbing fixtures. As such, people often ask about the difference between a backwater valve and a back-flow preventer.

Backwater Valve Installation

A backwater valve is used to stop sewage water that comes from the main drain pipe from backing up into the home. It is installed on the main sewer pipe to prevent basement flooding. On the other hand, a back-flow preventer acts against the general backup of water through any line. Under normal pressure conditions, the water lines do not back up. However, under pipe bursting, the pressure in the line drops, leading to water and contaminant back-flow. To prevent this from happening, a back-flow preventer is installed at high-risk plumbing joints.

How can I Claim my Backwater Valve Rebate?

We have fully licenced and registered plumbers that are ready to help with claiming your backwater valve rebate. We regularly help our clients claim the City of Toronto Flood Prevention Rebate. We document and record the installation process in order to help you with your flood prevention rebate claim.

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Emergency Sewer Back-flow Prevention Service

At Santos Water Plumbing Service, we have a team of trained plumbers. Our extensive experience makes us the ideal choice for hundreds of local homeowners in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. We provide our customers with comprehensive backwater valve services, including installation, process documentation and guidance for the sewer backwater valve installation subsidy.

The Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program helps residents take advantage of the government subsidy for implementing flood protection measures. As backwater valve installation costs can be high in Toronto, this program is a great relief for our local residents. It covers the replacement or installation of sump pumps, back-water valves and other water damage prevention equipment.