The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Have you noticed your water is slow to drain or an unpleasant resurgence of filthy water in your sink when other draining systems are running? These are a clear and somewhat gross indication that your drains and pipes require professional drain cleaning services.

While some chemical drain cleaners provide a temporary solution, they are no match for more formidable blockages and can harm the environment. Instead, the best drain cleaning happens to be hydro-jetting which utilizes pressures over 3,000 pounds per square inch to blast fatbergs, tree roots, and other contaminants without damaging your plumbing.

Furthermore, professional drain cleaning services help with other drainage problems that you may find surprising.

Eliminates Odours

Noxious and foul odours in the kitchen may not be coming from the trash bin. Instead, if you are hunting for the source of off-putting smells, you may discover they are coming from your sink drains.

What causes buildup in drain pipes? There are several possible culprits:

  • Organic material
  • Food and hair
  • Limescale
  • Contaminants
  • Tree roots
  • Fatbergs
  • Dirt

As these items find their way into your pipe’s small pits, they collect any additional debris as it travels through your plumbing. Some drain cleaning products can help remove organic material in the short term. Still, despite this temporary fix, the pitting will continue to catch particles and reform clogs that attract bacteria to create an unpleasant bouquet of smells.

The best drain cleaning solution is hydro-jetting as it smooths rough surfaces and flushes debris — even as significant as fatbergs and tree roots! So you can say goodbye to odours and inconvenient clogs simultaneously.

Increases Water Flow

With professional hydro-jetting drain cleaning services, not only are blockages and debris removed, but the pipes’ surfaces become smooth again. Furthermore, small pits that trap particles and lead to buildup or clogs are eliminated.

The most common drain clogs or blockages in bathrooms happen to be hair. Yet, it is often food debris or incorrect disposal of grease from cookware that cause issues in the kitchen. The further down the blockage occurs in the pipes, the harder they are to remove.

Once water can flow freely, it drains smoothly through the plumbing system and out into the sewer system. However, more severe troubles occur when water becomes trapped or stagnates in the pipes.

Less Expensive Water Bills

It should come as no surprise that when your water isn’t flowing through your drains and plumbing system, it can become trapped and cause damage to your pipes. The longer you wait to address a sluggish drain — or a yucky obstruction — the more likely your pipes will corrode and begin leaking.

In addition, uncleaned or improperly draining pipes can cause toilets and sinks to overflow. This means your water runs continually instead of stopping when it should.

Both issues can mean more expensive water bills, not to mention water damage to internal structures, flooring, and drywall. However, you can save significantly on your water bills with annual drain maintenance while preventing frustrating clogs.

Get Those Drains Cleared Today!

Whether you need immediate assistance or wish to include drain cleaning services on your annual maintenance list, hydro-jetting ensures that your drains are in tip-top condition. After all, you use them every day, and they can wreak havoc on your routine when something goes wrong.

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