Why Tree Roots and Plumbing Pipes Don’t Mix

Keeping your plumbing pipes clean and up to date can save you time and money. Taking care of the pipes in your home is important, but it’s also imperative to take care of the pipes outside the house. If you live around trees, the roots can move toward your pipes in search of water access.

Make sure to complete routine plumbing checks of your outdoor pipes if they’re exposed and if they’re buried, have a professional check them annually to ensure you don’t have root damage. An annual checkup could save you money and keep your water clean.

Potential Problems Caused by Tree Roots

Trees that live around homes are always in search of water. Once the tree roots find a water source from small leaks in your pipes, they can break through and take up residence — this can cause water backups, blockages, and busted pipes leading to thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs. You might notice a bad smell and slow draining sinks or tubs if your pipes have roots in them.

Tree roots can grow inside your pipes if they find a crack to allow them in, which could lead to dirty drinking and bathing water. Over time, the roots can become so damaging that the pipes can burst, causing a water leak and extensive damage. When this happens, you’ll need the help of an emergency plumber to repair your plumbing system and replace the busted pipes.

How To Remove Roots From Your Sewer Line

Since this issue often goes undetected until the tree roots have completely invaded the plumbing pipes, it’s important to have help from professionals to remove the tree roots from your sewer line. The warning signs that alert you to this issue often mean that the roots have already invaded the pipes, meaning you’ll need extensive repairs.

The removal process often requires installing new pipes or sections of sewer lines, which is a process that professionals should handle. At Santos Water Service & Drain, we’re expertly trained in plumbing repair, and we could be the help you need if you have roots in your sewer line.

Prevention Tips

The best way to prevent tree roots from invading your plumbing pipes is by ensuring that you don’t plant anything near your sewer line. If you’ve moved into an older home with established trees, it is not always possible to avoid invasive tree roots. After moving into a house with plants or trees by the sewer line, it’s important to keep a close watch on the pipes. Understanding the warning signs is also a great way to prevent irreversible damage.

If you have frequent clogs, a smell coming from your pipes, or gurgling sounds when your water is draining, you should get your pipes checked out. Another great way to prevent tree roots from taking over is with annual maintenance and checkups. The yearly service fee is well worth the money it could save you in the long run.

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