5 Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

It is common to see many plumbing issues arise during summer because of the weather and the more frequent uses with family visits and kids not in school. Your plumbing system gets more usage not only with the higher traffic of people but with the need to use water to maintain gardens and lawns and fill up swimming pools.

Read on to learn how to avoid plumbing problems so you may enjoy a peaceful summer.

Basement Floods

Flooding in your home from a rainstorm can be expensive to fix. Ensure your sump pump is in good working order after the harsh winter months to prepare yourself for potential flooding. You might also wish to place a drain plug for your sewer line to avoid backups.

Water Sprinkler Damage

We all aim to achieve a luscious green lawn every summer. Therefore it is recommended to check your sprinklers for damage before using them.

A tiny leak can lead to a more expensive water bill, so always keep your sprinklers from wasting water by fixing the broken components. To ensure your sprinklers remain in good operating order throughout the summer, you should continue inspecting them.

Sewer Line Backup

Summertime is known for having more frequent thunderstorm activity, and you should be aware if you live in an area where rainstorms are more common. Heavy rainfall can clog your sewer pipes if too much water seeps through cracks and crevices.

Call a team of plumbing experts immediately if you see any warning signs of sewer line backup, such as the toilet backing up into the bathtub drain or your toilet having plumbing vent problems. If you are considering preventative measures, putting a drain stopper in each drain can assist in keeping water from backing up during severe thunderstorms.

Garbage Disposal Issues

A garbage disposal in your sink is probably something you use every day. While it has the power to break down food items and projects an almost indestructible quality, you can still find yourself with some clogging issues. Garbage disposals are susceptible to frequent obstructions, making using your kitchen sink a chore.

Once clogged, your garbage disposal becomes a significant issue in your kitchen sink’s functionality, leading to serious plumbing problems. It is best to book a professional plumbing team to handle the situation because it can be challenging to identify the source of whatever is clogging your garbage disposal.

An essential tip is to remember that your garbage disposal is not made to break down every food item. Avoid throwing in hard, bulky food items like bones, ice cubes, fruit stones or pits, and corn cobs. Food items like celery, or anything that can wrap around the blades, must also be avoided as they will damage them, causing many issues later on.

Finally, you should avoid pouring hot oil, grease, or fat down your drain, as this can cause severe clogging issues in your pipes and sewers.

Slow Draining Showers

Are you noticing your shower draining much slower than usual? Slow drain is a common issue in summer, with more dirt and grass being introduced to the drains as you rinse yourself off from a day spent outside doing yard work. Consider also that children and pets can often get pretty dirty or muddy if they spend most of their time playing outside.

DIY solutions can occasionally resolve the problem, but the best course of action is to have a plumber identify and clear the obstruction in your drain.

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