Should I Repair Or Replace My Toilet?

Should I Repair Or Replace My Toilet?

You use your toilet every day, and while it is certainly made to last countless years of constant usage, there are times when it will begin to show its age prompting you to decide whether it should be mended or completely replaced.

There are times when a simple fix can save you from replacing your toilet, however, there comes the point where your toilet has served its time and must be entirely discarded to make way for a brand new toilet bowl.

We help you go through the many signs to rely on when it comes to replacing or repairing your toilet.

Signs you need a toilet repair

You know what a good, well-functioning toilet should look and sound like when used, so with your best judgment, take some time to analyze your toilet if you suspect something might be wrong with it. The problem could be straightforward to mend, and it would only need a minor repair with a few toilet repair parts that can easily be found at your local hardware store.

You may even be able to tackle the problem yourself if it is something as small as replacing a broken toilet chain.

If the problem is something you do not feel confident in tackling yourself, such as a toilet flange repair, then it is best to call in a professional. They will have all the tools necessary and expertise to do an excellent job.

You might think that perhaps you should replace your toilet completely, but some signs indicate a repair is the best option to go.

If your toilet’s water is constantly running, You can identify the source of the issue in a few different methods. Take pressure on the flapper until the water stops flowing, for example. If so, it signifies your flapper is not correctly sealing and needs to be changed.

Another issue that can be an easy fix is if your toilet does not flush anymore. It can be clogged; the chain may have snapped, insufficient water in the bowl, or the flapper needs replacing.

Signs it’s time to replace an old toilet

When constant repairs are no longer feasible and eat away at your budget, it is time to replace your aging toilet. Other signs to look out for are cracks in your tank which can be quite problematic and lead to leaks and possibly the growth of mold if left in complete disrepair for too long.

The cracks are not always evident to the naked eye, sometimes as thin as a strand of hair. It is best to book a plumber to have a look and assess the situation.

Another issue that should compel you to replace your toilet is if your current one is constantly clogged or unable to flush. Finally, it would help if you replaced the old toilet with a modern low-flush toilet in order to save money on your next water bill.

How to properly care for your toilet

If you recently purchased and installed a new porcelain throne, we recommend taking proper care of it to maintain its longevity. Toilets are meant to last over 20 years.

Be aware of what you are flushing down your toilet. Avoid clogging it with food, baby wipes, or anything else that should not be flushed down a toilet. Please keep it clean with regular bowl cleanups (inside and out).

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