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Chemical Drain Cleaners

Why You Should NOT Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many chemical drain cleaners claim to unclog a drain quickly and efficiently. Undoubtedly, they do so. But, for a limited period of time and only when the problem is minor. In order to save a few bucks, instead of calling a plumber, many homeowners try to unclog the drain by putting loads of chemical cleaners down the drain. But, this do more harm than good to your drain and plumbing fixtures. Here are some reasons why you should avoid using such cleaners:

Highly toxic

Yes, these chemical drain cleaners are highly toxic and can be hazardous. They produce dangerous fumes that can cause irritation in eyes, nose, throat and skin. Chemical cleaners not only affect humans, but your pets are also vulnerable. Toxins end up in landfills and water supplies, causing harm to both humans and the environment.

Damages caused to your pipes

Chemical drain cleaners can be extremely harmful to your pipes. These cleaners are formulated with hydrochloric acid which can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Over time and with frequent use, they can create big holes in your pipes. These harsh cleaners eat away the enamel on your sinks and bathtubs and you end up paying for the replacement of the parts. You will never know when a small clog will turn into a more costly plumbing emergency.

Environmental impact

These harsh chemicals always end up in landfills and our water-supply system, this can be extremely harmful to the environment, humans and wildlife. Instead of using such chemicals, you can either call a professional for help or use a simple solution of baking soda and water to fight against a clogged drain. This is the one eco-friendly method without damaging our environment.

Septic system damage

Septic tanks utilize natural bacteria in order to breakdown the water. Chemical cleaners that are poured down the drain kill off these natural organic bacteria, making your septic system less effective. After frequent use of damaging cleaning agents, at some point your entire septic system will need to be cleaned to counteract the damage.

Call in the plumbing professionals

If you are looking for non-toxic cleaning advice to prevent your clogged drain issues – contact our experienced plumbers at Santos Water. We have a team of professionals committed to ensuring the pristine condition of your plumbing system and drains.