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Why Plumber is Better than a Plunger

Plumbing problems can be very frustrating. While some problems are relatively easy to fix, others, however, require the skill and expertise of 24 hour plumbers Toronto. Below is a rundown of various plumbing situations that can take a wrong turn, things a homeowner does to resolve the situation, when a professional should be called.

1. Dripping Faucets

Some homeowners tend to ignore a dripping faucet, but a constant drip can lead to a plenty of wasted water and increased bills. Dislodged or faulty washers are often the reason for faucets to drip. These kinds of repairs are often more complex than homeowners anticipate and may require special tools and skills.

2. Low Water Pressure

Sometimes a simple shower head replacement can help you get rid of low water pressure problem. Or, perhaps checking the valves to ensure they are fully turned on. If these simple fixes fail to solve the low pressure problem, it’s probably best to call a plumbing expert. The problem could be deep rooted – a broken or leaky in the piping system could be the culprit. Trying to find out where it is and how to fix it can be very difficult.

3. Clogged Toilets

Repairing a clogged toilet can often be done using a plunger. Make the rubber in the plunger more pliant by running it under some hot water before unclogging an overflowing toilet. If after several attempt plunging hasn’t solved the problem, it may be more severe. A sewer line can sometimes be clogged, and this can create a good amount of mess if it decided to back up into your home. The professionals at drain repair Toronto have video equipment to help them see into the pipes and figure out what exactly the problem is and how severe it is.

4. Frozen Pipes

This is a situation where only 24 hour plumbers Toronto should be called. Some home solutions, such as using a blow dryer, may not be sufficient to thaw the pipes. Other simple solutions may even be dangerous. If pipes crack or even worse, burst while you’re trying to thaw them, this will lead to a significant damage and repair costs. A damaged pipe can cause a home enormous water damage.

5. Contact a Professional Plumber

When it’s time to call 24 hour plumbers Toronto, you want a plumbing company with a positive track record. Santos Water offers the homeowners quality products, excellent service, and no hidden costs. From drain repair Toronto to plumbing installation – we provide a whole host of plumbing services.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us.