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What Causes Low Water Pressure

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Do you turn on the shower faucet only to find a few streams of water coming out? Perhaps, it takes you hours to wash the dishes because your kitchen sink gives only a small amount of water. Fortunately, there are ways that your 24 hour plumbers Toronto, can solve low water pressure problems for you. But first, lets find out what causes low water pressure.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Understanding the causes of low water pressure can help you find a fast and simple solution. Some of the common causes for low water pressure are:

Debris : Old pipes may be corroded and there could be plastic traces from broken pipes. Debris can cause valves and aerators to become clogged.

Mineral deposits : Mineral build-up inside faucets and shower heads can prevent the water from flowing the way it is supposed to.

Low municipal water pressure :Sometimes the city’s water supply is just not as adequate due to leaks and pressure.

Water leaks : Faulty water pipes can result in leaks, which in turn can cause low pressure problems.

Damaged water valves : Wear-and-tear, high water pressure and other issues can cause damage to the valves.

The first step towards resolving low pressure problems is to figure out the root cause of this issue. If you think one of the above mentioned issues may be causing low water pressure problems in your home, it is important to troubleshoot the issue and make the repairs in a timely manner. If you have checked everything and still can’t find the source of the problem, and the low pressure problem still persists, you should get in touch with a professional plumber who can determine the problem. Low water pressure problems tend to worsen over time, and the more you wait, the more challenging – and potentially expensive – the repair becomes. Also, it makes it uncomfortable to perform the everyday tasks.

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