Top 5 Tips to Prevent Water Pipes From Getting Frozen

We are all aware of the effects of gruesome Canadian winters and frozen water pipes are one of them. In fact, this is the most common problem from which households in Mississauga suffer. Plumbers in Mississauga get 20 or more service calls in a single day related to frozen pipe repair. A frozen pipe in the house or a building can turn into a horrific situation if ignored. It will not only lead to bursting of pipe but lead to a mini-catastrophe at your home too by damaging your house/building and personal belongings.

In order to get around such a disaster safely, one can follow some simple plumbing tips from experts of drain cleaning in Mississauga to prevent the pipes in their complex from getting frozen.

  1. Turn-Up the Thermostat – Saving bucks on the power bills is obviously on everyone’s mind, however, doing it at the cost of the pipes is not worth it. Homes which were built years ago must be properly insulated so that they can keep the temperature pretty reasonable. This will ultimately keep the water pipes healthy and thawed.
  2. If Not Using, Turn-Off Main Valve – If you and your family have decided to escape the spine-chilling cold of Canada to someplace that’s warm, turn-off the main water valve. This can help you to prevent the water from being trickled down through the faucets and will ultimately save your water pipe from getting frozen and damaging.
  3. Leave a Drip – This is an old advice which not only people but professional plumbers in Mississauga also give. By leaving a tiny little drip on your faucet, you will be able to keep water moving in the pipe just enough so that its freezing can be prevented. However, one must remember to leave all the faucets present at home dripping.
  4. Keep Your Cabinets Open – For those pipes which are left hidden inside cabinets, open the doors of the cabinet and let those pipes stay warm by your home’s natural heat. This won’t add to your energy bill at all and will save your home’s pipes from getting frozen too. By this, you won’t have to worry a bit about frozen pipe repair.
  5. Use a Space Heater – Space heaters are known to have a lot of uses and apart from providing the warmth to the people; they can also be used to keeping the pipes away from getting frozen. A space heater is thus a temporary, yet effective approach for preventing the water pipes present in the house from getting rock-frozen.

A frozen water pipe is nothing less than a nuisance and if such a pipe bursts, one might have to face bigger problems. We, at Santos Plumbing and Drain Services, are team of experienced and professional plumbers in Mississauga that has catered to hundreds of residents in Canada for our services pertaining to drain cleaning in Mississauga.

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