Top 5 Drain Snaking Tips Plumbers Wish Everyone Knows – Trade Secrets Revealed

An efficient draining system is a must in every building whether residential or commercial. Quite often, these drains get clogged due to prolonged use or when they swallow objects which aren’t made for them! Such a situation can really mess things up and give birth to a local household hazard. The easiest way to cure this problem is by snaking the drain. The device used for this purpose is called a plumbing snake and it unclogs drains.

Plumber’s Secrets on Snaking Drains

The plumbing snake consists of a long cable with a motor on the other end to push it down in the throat of the drain. The cable displaces the obstructing material present in the drain and the drain gets unclogged. If you are a victim of a clogged drain, then the following tips on snaking can help you a lot:

  1. Try to get a motorized plumbing snake. Although it will cost you a bit more than the manual one, but it will definitely save you a lot of time and effort. In case you go for a manual plumbing snake then buy a pair of rubber gloves too if you don’t have one as they will protect your hands from any debris present in the drain.
  2. Now, feed the cable’s head into the drain. Push it gently and in case you are using a manual one, then turn the auger’s handle in a clockwise direction for refined use.
  3. Try to re-position the cable as much as you can while it works its way through the drain. Hold the device with steady and firm hands to avoid scratching the insides of the pipe.
  4. Once the cable makes contact with the item that is blocking the pipe, stop pushing the pipe at that moment, turn the auger’s head and move the pipe in a back and forth motion so that it chews away the clog.
  5. Once the auger starts chewing the blockage, it will eventually either break-up and get washed away or will at least become of a size which you can pull out from the pipe. In a situation like this, things can get really messy. It’s best to wear rubber gloves and keep a bucket aside to put the debris collected from the pipe.

In case of a clogged drain, people go for harsh acidic chemicals to do the job. These chemicals work well but they also eat the insides of the pipe making it much more prone for other kind of leaks. Thus, it’s best to use such mechanical methods for a blocked drain since they do the job equally well and don’t affect the pipes at all. For small blockages, it is best to snake the drain. For badly clogged drains, professional plumbing services should be consulted.

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