Basement Turned into a Swimming Pool – Tips to Help You Prevent Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a serious issue for households located below the water table. It is also experienced by Toronto households during heavy rains. The reasons for basement flooding can vary and include drainage failures, presence of crevices or cracks in the foundation or basement wall of your home, sump pump failure, overflowing downspouts, failed backwater valve Toronto etc.

Basement Flooding – How to Tackle the Problem

Basement Flooding

The cause for your basement flooding could be any, but the main question is, how you are going to tackle it? How do you ensure that your home, wallet, and health are secure? Following are certain crucial tips which you can make use of to prevent flooding in your basement:

  1. Plumbing Maintenance – Get your plumbing and faucets inspected at least once or twice a year to ensure everything is working fine and the pipes are leak-free. Also try to get your sump pump, backwater valves, and floor drains inspected by a local plumber in Toronto.
  2. Backup Sump Pump – Power failure may force your sump-pump to quit. In such an event, a backup sump pump that works on batteries can be a life-saver! Purchasing a sump pump that uses batteries can pull you out from a flooding disaster. Moreover, these pumps can be placed just beside the main sump pump.
  3. Downspouts – Downspouts can also become a reason for basement flooding if they aren’t placed at the right location. The can also flood your basement if the eaves troughs they are attached to are choked with leaves and debris.

    It is best to clean the eaves troughs often and get them inspected to ensure there is no obstruction for water and it runs easily through the downspout. Also make sure that the downspout is placed facing away from the foundation of the home so that it doesn’t drain water right against the home.

  4. Window Wells – Usually, basements have window wells to provide sunlight and an emergency exit from the home. Unfortunately, these wells can themselves become holding grounds of water and can damage the seals of the windows to such an extent that they start leaking. This problem can however be fixed by using just a few bolts and fasteners.

Sump Pump

With the help of screws, nails, and bolt fasteners you can install covers over these window wells so as to direct the rainwater away from the well and even your foundation.

Basement flooding can disrupt your everyday life significantly. It happens slowly and you may even give it a pass sometimes, but then it reaches a certain level that is not only dangerous for the home, but also for the people living in the house.

Stagnant water in the basement can be a breeding ground for various health problems. Thus, it’s best to tackle basement flooding at the earliest. By making use of these tips, you can reduce the chances of flooding or even eliminate them completely.

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