Experts Help You Repair a Faulty Sump Pump with Ease

Repair a Faulty Sump Pump
Water logging in the basement is a common problem. Often we just keep on struggling with it, without knowing the fact that we can really get rid of it. All you need to do is call a plumbing service and get a sump pump installed in your basement. A sump pump sucks up all the water that is getting logged in your basement and then pushes it out through the main drain line.

A sump pump is a simple mechanical device and just like all other mechanical things, it too can start functioning abnormally. The most common disorder that a sump pump suffers from is overflowing. An overflowing sump pump is nothing but a nuisance as long as you don’t know how to deal with it. Following are the three most common strategies suggested by pump sump installation Toronto you can adopt to fix these problems:

  1. Simply tap the discharge line that is coming out from the sump pit. When this line is tapped gently, the primary submersible pump turns on. It’s because the float switch is turned on automatically and gets stuck possibly due to corrosion present on the top metal rod that actually activates the motor. If this works then wait for a while till the basin is all empty and you can clearly make out the cause behind failure. If you are unable to locate the fault, then getting the submersible pump replaced is a better option.
  2. Another tip that you can make use of is the power check. Check the fuse box to verify whether you have blown a fuse or not. If you have a blown fuse then just reset the breaker by switching the breaker off and then on again. You can also plug in a light at the outlet to see if you are getting power or not. If there is power then get the pump replaced by a plumber immediately. Plus, you need to be very careful while the pump is plugged in. Remember to not to stick your hand in the sump’s basin because if the wire is short, then you may be electrocuted.
  3. If the above tips fail then the last thing that you can try is to unplug the motor and lower your hand in the basin till you reach the pump. Try to feel the sump pump and try to make out if there is any debris stuck near or around the submersible pump. If there is any, then simply dislodge the object with gentle hands. Once you have removed this object, lift the float switch just to make sure if it’s going up and down properly. Then quickly plug the pump back in the outlet so that you don’t flood the basement.

Dealing with a faulty sump pump can be a hell of a task. But if done properly, you can fix it and come out of the problem with flying colours. We, at Santos Plumbing Services, provide the most comprehensive Toronto plumbing installation services. Feel free to call us regarding your local plumbing and water services Toronto needs anytime.