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Things You Should NEVER Put Down Your Drain

Homeowners do not give much thought to the items they dispose down their drain – well, they should. While pouring a bit of oil, or disposing a wipe or two doesn’t seem like a big deal, over time these items can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system. Items that do not break down in drain pipes can accumulate in the bends of the pipes, and slow flow or fully clog the pipe. Clogged pipes can cause raw sewage to back up in your home, on your yard, or the street. Backed up sewage is not only unpleasant, but can also be dangerous as it contains disease causing organisms.

To avoid a situation where only 24 hour plumbers Toronto can rescue you, keep in mind the items that you should not put down the drain – no matter how confident you are in your garbage disposal.

Things to keep out of your kitchen drain

Grease, oil and fat are one of the biggest offenders. Oil can seem completely harmless when cooking, but this liquid can quickly turn into solid as it goes down the pipeline. It can stick to the surface of your pipes and create the perfect platform to attract grease.

Another thing to keep out of the drain are food scraps. Homeowners often have this misconception that garbage disposals make it safe to send food down the drain, and that they slash solid items into small pieces, but these small pieces can still accumulate and clog your pipes.

Items that you should keep out of the kitchen drain include:

  • Onion Skills
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grinds
  • Produce stickers
  • Sauces
  • Meat scraps
  • Shortening
  • Gravy
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salad dressing

Things to keep out of your bathroom drain

Toilet paper is designed to break down in the sewer system, but other items such as baby wipes and feminine products should be kept out of the bathroom drain, even if their label says “flushable.”

Cleaning liquids, gels, and solvents are toxic or corrosive, and cause harm the fragile ecosystems when flushed down the drain. Water treatment plants eliminate most of the chemicals from the water supply, but too many toxic contaminants still enter our lakes, rivers and oceans.

To ensure smooth-flowing bathroom drains, we recommend cleaning the hair, soap scum and other debris once every 6 months. Try not to attempt this yourself, as dismantling drains can cause leaks if not assembled properly. Let the experts at drain cleaning and drain repair Toronto perform this task.

Items that you should keep out of the bathroom drain include:

  • Disposable diapers
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Flushable kitty litter

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