Things You Must Know About Your Plumbing System

Santos Water lists a few things that homeowners must know about their plumbing system. Being empowered with this vital information can prevent frequent plumbing repairs and emergencies.

Plumbing System
  1. Know how to shut off your water supply – Usually, this can be done by simply shutting off the meter. This is where the main water supply comes into the home or business. Make sure you know about the location of shut off valves and most importantly, how to operate them. Be careful while turning these valves on and off as the water pressure may be high.
  2. Learn how to read water meter and water bill – Make sure you know how to read your water bill and meter. It is crucial to ensure you are being billed properly. Check your water usage with each bill and try to catch leaks. If you have questions about your bill, call on the number mentioned in the bill. The water company will happily explain the details of the bill to clear your doubts.
  3. Be aware about the water pressure coming into your home or business – Remember, the water pressure should be under 80 psi. High water pressure may lead to plumbing leaks in your home or business. An easy to use water pressure gauge can help you check the pressure. The water company will come to check it for you at zero cost.
  4. Know the location of clean-out plugs on your sewage system – You can prevent a clog or backup problem in your plumbing system easily when you know the location of clean-out plugs on your sewer or septic system.
  5. Know how to shut off your gas – Educate yourself on how to shut off the gas supply to your home or business. It will help you when there is a need to shut off the gas of a specific appliance.
  6. Know how to shut off the water supply to the water heater – A water heater problem means no hot water. But if you know how to shut off the water supply to the heater, you will surely have some water for washing, cooking and bathroom use.
  7. Make sure your air conditioning condensation lines are in proper working order – All air conditioning units produce condensation water when in use. Check whether the condensation is draining properly or not, as it can cause extensive water and mold damage to your home or business.
  8. Know where all the shut off valves of your plumbing fixtures are located – Every kitchen sink and toilet have a shut off valve. Make sure you know the location of every shut off valve. This knowledge can prevent various plumbing disasters and water damages to your property.

We hope the above mentioned information will help you prevent plumbing disasters in a timely manner. In case, you experience any issue with the plumbing system of your home or business, just contact our plumbing professionals at Santos Water. Our plumbers in Mississauga provide high-quality plumbing and drain cleaning Mississauga services at reasonable prices.