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Sewer Backup

3 Key Things You Need To Know About Sewer Backup

Floods cause extensive water damage to your home and commercial premises. It also creates sewage for your sewer lines to back up into houses through drainage systems. These backups make you for the costly repair as well as deliver the health hazards. Your drain system is not able to deal with such an inflow of water. To prevent these issues, you must know the major important things about the sewer backup.

Residential Drain Lines Type

  • Sanitary Sewer Lines
    From the bathroom to kitchen, every piping installed in your home is different, and every pipeline underneath the floor of the basement runs to the municipal sewer most probably.
  • Storm Sewer Lines
    The storm sewer lines allow the wastewater away from your home preventing damages to your foundation.

What Causes The Sewer To Back Up
Apart from nature frights, there could be many other reasons behind the sewer backup, such as:

  • Tree and shrub roots automatically make their way into the sewer line to be hydrated which cause sewer backup over time.
  • A common blockage in the city sanitary main is often overlooked which end up in delivering sewer backup.
  • Water in a basement due to incorrect soil settle adjacent lead to rainwater flowing back in the building or downside of the foundation walls.

Sewer Backup Preventive Tips

  • Dropping the grease with hot water which will later solidify in the drain and cause to clog the main sewer. Cooking oil or such liquids should be disposed in the drain system after it completely cools off.
  • Make sure to dispose of the paper towels, feminine products, diapers and other disposals in the trash bin.
  • Prevent the tree roots and shrubs to make their way into the sewer line. For this, you can cut the growing roots periodically.
  • One of the best things, you can install the backwater valve in the drain, sewer line and basement to prevent sewer backup flows.

So whether you have clogged drain or want to install the backwater preventive valve to handle sewer backup, call Santos Water. We offer affordable drain services in Toronto to our residential and commercial clients.