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Drain Pipe Clogged

Things That You Should Never Put Down Drain

The menage drain is a very important and cunning thing. It acts as a magic portal to rinse our clutter or messes away. Once we have sent one thing down the sink, we tend to seldom consider it once more. As a result of truly there are plenty things we put down the drain which will cause mayhem in menage sewer system or pipes. If you behave like a careless person and everything pour down the drain, the drain pipe clogged within few days. So, make sure you are not putting anything which is harmful to the drain system.

Here is a list of that things that you should not send down your drain pipes.

  • Eggshells

    Never put down eggshells into a drain. There is a better way of getting disposed them than getting down the drain. They build granular waste which gets aligned with other waste and affect the water supply.

  • Cat litter

    You have plenty of options of cat litter disposal than getting flush down the drain. The feces of the cat or any other pet that you have in your house can lead to a disease called toxoplasmosis. Cat feces also can create a mess in the septic tanks.

  • Oils

    When it comes to cooking, olive oil and cooking oil are the two most important elements. It is very difficult to dispose them. If it is not done in the right manner, it may lead to a clog. Except this, make sure you don’t put condiments, salad dressings and mayonnaise down the drain.

  • Coffee grounds

    Coffee grounds are very small in size, but they are enough to clog the drain system. Throwing them down the drain pipes on a regular bases, it will make a clog in no time.

  • Grease

    Just like oil, it is another great clogging element. You may get down it on a regular basis. It includes melted fat from meat, poultry, sausage and gravy gets accumulated near the holes and start developing in no time.

  • Stickers

    Many food items like fruits, vegetables, and canned food have stickers on them. These stickers should be disposed off in the trash. But people have a bad habit of throwing them in the drain pipes.

  • Pasta and rice

    These are food items which expand when you put them in boiling water. When you throw them into the drain system, they do the same thing. Pasta and rice should not be down the drain.

Fixing a clogged drainage system on your own is not as easy task as you think. If you are experienced with the clogged drainage system, feel free to call the Santos Water Service and Drain in Toronto. Our adept professionals will help you.