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Drainage Cleaning

Some FAQ’s About Drainage Cleaning Explained By Experts

Drainage forms an essential part of your home. A well maintained drainage system will let its owners live a peaceful and hassle free life. On the other hand, a disrupted drainage system would take your sleep away!

Yes, it holds such importance in the house. When a drainage faces some problem, there are a lot of confusions around it. Most of the people have no idea as to what went wrong or have little knowledge about the issue.

It is recommended to call a professional to fix up the issue or take advice from them before beginning to tackle all by yourself.

FAQ’s About Drainage Cleaning:-

  1. Is it necessary to clean the drains?

    Yes! Of course it is. A clean drain is a must for the drainage system to operate freely. If you don’t clean your drains, they will get clogged over the time.

    This can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience and also may prove to be very costly.

  2. What should I do to maintain them?

    There are a lot of ways by which you can maintain your drainage system. You should regularly inspect the pipes and look for anything that may get your pipes clogged.

    Also, clean the drain through hot water on regular basis after letting baking soda sit there for half an hour.

  3. Should I use chemicals for drain cleaning?

    Using chemicals for drain cleaning is not recommended at all. They have acidic property in them which can erode the pipes.

    Apart from this, it has the risk of splashing back, which can result in an acid attack. There makes no sense in using these chemicals.

  4. What to do when every home remedy fails?

    When all your home remedies fail to get you the required results, take professional help. It is as simple as that. Professionals have experience in handling any kind of drainage issue.

    This will make your issue get resolved at the earliest and also guide you to prevent future problems.

  5. How can I prevent drains from getting clogged?

    It is very important that you don’t throw things in the drain which can lead to a clog. These include fats or cooking oils, hair, medications, paper towel,cotton balls, stickers to name a few.

    First think for the thing you are about to throw and see if it can be harmful or not.

  6. Do tree roots grow back in sewer?

    Yes, they do and in very less time. If you have recently has tree roots removed from your sewer, chances are that they will grow back again. The best solution to this is periodic maintenance as replacing it with plastic pipes can prove to be a costly affair.