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Smart Tips To Keep Your Catch Basin Clean

The catch basin is a part of the sewer line or storm drain system which is utilized to trap debris. Virtually they are maintained by the public and work to drain the water during storms so that the residential area and roads can’t become flooded.

Some property owners who experienced the flood damages and noticed standing water in front of their property due to heavy rainfall should consider installing catch basin to protect their home from a flood.

How To Maintain Your Catch Basin?

The catch basin makes it easier for the homeowners to handle the excess water in or around their property. To keep it running flawlessly, one should never throw the garbage into the system. If you put the waste material in the system, it may end up with a costly repair.

Tips For Catch Basin Cleaning

  • Clear The Grates: If the grate is obstructed and left uncleaned for a longer time, it will become clogged with more pieces of leaves or other debris. Make sure to clean it every month, after storm, heavy rainfall or during spring and fall.
  • Remove The Debris: To clear out the catch basin, you need to lift the grate, but be careful it could be heavy enough. Use a shovel to remove the debris and use any other object like a bucket to remove the water.

The process could be complicated if conducted by an individual, so it will be better to hire the professionals at Santos Water, the leading drain cleaning company in Toronto. From catch basin installation to complete cleaning and maintenance, we are the one stop solution for you. Call us today to hire our experts.