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Save Yourself From Drain Clog Stress In Summers

Summers are harsh on almost everything including the drains and sewers. Most of the drain issues come up usually in the summers and can retard the water flow in your septic or sewer system. If you notice that your drains are running slow, don’t ignore the problem as it may turn up to become a costly disaster. To prevent any mess, it is advised to call a drain cleaning professional to deal with the issue.

Though sewer issues can turn up anytime, they are more prone to occur in the summer months. Cracked pipes due to heat, pipe corrosion due to water overflow and clogs due to storm dust are some of the main problems often faced.

You need to stay prepared against the below mentioned summer clog issues:

  • Stormy SeasonBright summer days are not always sunny and are often accompanied by the rains and storms. Excess of rains can lead to sewer overflow and can put an excess of stress on the sewage systems which may lead to back up, especially if the drains are unclean.
  • DroughtsUnlike storms, dry days or droughts also pose a threat on the septic or sewer lines. With a lesser water flow, the chances are that the drains may not clean up completely and the waste may get stuck or accumulated in the corners. This results in foul odors and fumes exhibited from the drain pipes.
  • Tree RootsAs the summers are accompanied by the rains, they are one of the best seasons for tree plantation. All green plants and trees grow at their best in this season. In a few cases, a tree may spread out its roots in the underground drains, thereby limiting the water flow which ultimately leads to clogs.

So, these are some of the common causes behind the common summer drain issues. To stay on a safe side, it is important to get your drains and plumbing systems cleaned professionally by expert cleaners. If you are looking for a licensed drain cleaning company in Toronto, look no further than Santos Water.