Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing in and Clogged Drain Repair in Toronto

If you are searching for a team that will deliver reliable clogged drain repair services in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA, our trained and certified plumbers at Santos Water Plumbing Service are ready to help.

Every house needs water for its day-to-day operations. Household water is utilized properly through the inter-connection of pipes and drains — also known as a home plumbing system. These pipes and drains sometimes develop faults, which can only be treated by professional plumbers. 

Apart from the repair and installation work regarding plumbing, homeowners should also set up routine maintenance checks from time-to-time. Our trained and certified plumbers will always have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done for our Toronto residents, whether it be for a bathroom or kitchen installation, grease trap cleaning or trenchless repair.

We offer a full range of plumbing services, including:


    • Drain Snaking – Excess debris can result in pipe clogging. This issue can lead to slow drainage and, in extreme cases, lead to various structural and health hazards. One of the most effective ways to clear a blocked pipe is through drain snaking. In this process, a steel or plastic wire is inserted into the drain with the aid of a motor. The motor enables the pipe to clear any kind of accumulated junk. The wire then displaces the junk from its position and allows it to flow out with the water, thus clearing the drain.
    • Hydro-Jetting – Years worth of built-up junk and grease in the pipes can solidify. When the buildup reaches this state, it can become difficult to remove via snaking. In these cases, the best solution is hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting makes use of a pipe with a nozzle on one end. This nozzle expels highly pressurized water that rotates, thereby creating a “water blade”. The power of this water blade is strong enough to cut through even the toughest grease and dirt, thus cleaning and unclogging the pipe. Unlike harsh acidic chemicals which can eat through the pipe, this process does not corrode the pipes at all.
    • Clean Outs – In order to ensure that the pipes do not clog once they have been treated, clean outs must be installed. Clean outs are basically small fixtures that are installed into the pipes and drains to ensure that they do not block again. See for yourself why we perform some of the best clean outs including our grease trap cleaning services in Toronto.

Water Fixture Installation

  • Bathroom Installation – Plumbing is key to every bathroom and the right installation of various fixtures is very important. Some common demands of homeowners for installation in their bathrooms are:

    • Taps
    • Showers
    • Bidets
    • Sinks
    • Bath tubs
    • Jetted tubs
    • Shower heads
  • Kitchen Installation – Kitchens also require water for cooking and cleaning purposes. Plumbing installations in the kitchen include:

    Water Fixture Installation

    • Cleaning taps
    • Kitchen sinks
    • Dishwashers
    • Water filters
    • Ice makers
    • Drain for refrigerators

Trenchless Repairs and Installation

At Santos Water Plumbing Service, we have come up with a new technology called trenchless repair or installation. As the name suggests, the repairs or installations required underground are done by this technique without digging any trenches. We are thus able to repair or install any pipeline without damaging the property.

Drain Camera Inspection

Our team has already helped hundreds of households with our drain camera inspection service. Whenever homeowners suspect anything wrong with their drain, we use a camera to learn more about the insides of the drain and pipes. The picture that the camera captures can be clearly seen by our plumbers in high definition. This helps them detect the fault and its position.

At Santos Water Plumbing Service, we follow advanced practices to install and repair household plumbing utilities. Our best prices, technologically sound equipment and experienced plumbing team always takes us one step ahead of our competitors. If you are looking for a trained, certified and reliable plumbing team, contact us today (416) 824-3352!