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How To Repair Your Drain & Maintain Drain Pipes Efficiently

Drain problems are unexpected problems. They can happen at any time in your life. If you don’t know what to do in such situation, don’t panic. Our drain repair Toronto service is available 24 hour a day and seven days a week and gives suggestion how to get rid of drain problems efficiently. Here, our 24 hour plumbers Toronto will provide tips on how to handle any drain repair and plumbing emergency.

  • Check Your Pipes: You should check the drain pipes on a regular basis. Make sure there is no leakage or blockage in the pipes. These minor problems take a little time in turning into major problems. If you find any leakage, contact your local plumbers immediately.
  • Check And Clean Your Drains: You need to ensure that your drains don’t have any blockage or overflowing problem. Remember one thing, clean your drains regularly. If you find something fishy with your drains, call in a professional.
  • Don’t Use Your Drain Like A Garbage Can: Your drain is not a garbage can where you put hair, paper towels and other products. It can cause blockage so avoid doing such things.
  • Use Hot Water To Clean Drain: Use hot water to clean drain as it is one of the common and simple methods. It helps to remove oil and grease from drain and keep your drain free-flowing. At least once a week, clean drain with hot water. Mixture of baking soda and vinegar can also be used with hot water to clean drain.
  • Use Proper Drain Cleaning Tools: If you clean drain by yourself, use proper drain cleaning tools to unclog a drain. Make sure you have little knowledge and resources regarding this job. Otherwise, you can call professionals.
  • Make Sure Pipes Are Connected Properly: Sometimes, the drain pipes are not connected properly and it can lead to leakage. First, check drain pipes and make sure they are connected properly.
  • Clean Debris Outside The Drain: It is important to clear all debris and garbage from the outside of drain. If once this debris put in drain pipes, it can create blockage in drain pipes.
  • Clean Your Sinks: To maintain your drain pipes, first clean your sinks properly. To clean sinks, you can use bleach.
  • Emergency Services Provided By Professionals: You can avail our 24 hours emergency drain services anytime which are provided by experienced and experts.

These tips will help you maintain the optimal condition of your drainage system. For professional assistance, feel free to contact our Toronto plumbers at Santos Water. Our experienced plumbers provide a high quality drain repair services.