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DIY Drain Cleaning

4 Reasons To Skip The DIY Drain Cleaning

A slow sink drain is a common sign you should not overlook. Often you opt for the DIY techniques to get rid of the blockage in the drain, but it could be the real issue. You might be thinking to save cost on professional service and preferring the DIY.

But, DIY is not the perfect solution to every clogged drain. Sometimes, it could give you an unsatisfying result.

Reasons To Avoid DIY Clogged Drain Cleaning

  1. Ineffectiveness
    Hot water is the common DIY technique that is used to keep the clogged drain clean. Although this solution can work in the initial stage, it may fail to tackle a bigger problem. Additionally, it can lead to a severe problem.
  2. Damage
    The chemical drain cleaners can damage your septic tank. It contains the acid that eats away your pipes. On the other side, if you use the drain cleaning tools on your own, it can also damage your pipes.
  3. Worsen The Situation
    Some people prefer to use their hands to pull the clog from the drainage system which can be dangerous. Moreover, the chemicals used for drain cleaning could be hazardous if you use them carelessly.
  4. Wasting Your Time & Cost
    Attempting to different techniques and investing in expensive tools and chemicals is likely to wasting your time and money. On the contrary, if you hire the professionals, they not only provide exceptional services but also ensure that the problem will not occur for as long as possible.

No matter how minor or significant drain blockage and clogs happen, Santos Water is here to help you. We offer affordable sewer drain cleaning services in Toronto. Our team of experienced technicians can help you to unclog any drain issue.