Professional Leak Detection Services – What they are & How they Work?

Water leaks are one of the most common plumbing issues in homes and commercial premises. A leak in the plumbing system can cause real time erosion and subsequent destruction for the overall structure of your house. Rarely do people know, but a water leak can go out of your control quickly before you expect.

Timely detection of water leaks is always great because it can save you money and a great deal of frustration. A professional Toronto plumbing service can really help you avoid severe plumbing problems resulting from leaks. Here’s why you need to hire professional leak detection services:

Your Home May Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak if:

  1. You hear a continuous sound like that of water even when no water utility is turned on.
  2. Reading in your water meter changes with zero water usage.
  3. Your water expenses escalate in a few weeks or months time.
  4. Walls or floors of your home look wet, spongy, discolored and moist.
  5. You smell foul odours from the walls or floors that are near drains.
  6. You find certain warm spots on the floor particularly on concrete floors.

How Professionals Detect Leaks?

Trained plumbers make use of advanced leak detection equipments and techniques to successfully locate the minute faults within your home’s plumbing systems. Some equipments they use include:

1. Sonic Leak Detector – When a pressurized pipe leaks, water spreads from it onto the surrounding soil at a high speed. This in turn causes the material of the pipe to vibrate heavily at its end. This method, thus, helps detect leaks by catching vibrations and sounds made by leaky pipes.

2. Electronic Helium Gas Detector – This kind of detection system helps locate even the smallest cracks and crevices that might be present in pipes. In this case, helium gas is inserted in the pipe and then the source of its leak from the pipe is detected using electronic sensors.

Why You Should Choose Professional Plumbers in Toronto?

  1. They have the right equipment and tools combined with the unmatched experience.
  2. Some offer 24/7 services ensuring emergency plumbing help in severe leaking situations.
  3. Advanced leak detection methods employed by expert plumbers do not tear apart your lawn or backyard.
  4. They can successfully locate slab leaks, underground water leaks, or any other sort of hidden plumbing leaks in your premises.

Detecting leaks on time is crucial since controlling them afterwards becomes a huge expense operation. Professional plumbers with latest equipments make sure plumbing leaks are detected on time and repaired effectively.

Santos Plumbing delivers on-time and effective leak detection services to local Toronto area. Contact us to know more about our other plumbing services.