What To Do With Frozen Pipes in House – Tips for Pipe Thawing

Cold, freezing weather is knocking on your door – as well as your water pipes. Temperature below zero degrees can cause frozen pipes in house which sometimes even burst, preventing water to flow from the fixtures. Luckily, you can avoid this crisis and the misery that comes along – being without water, having damaged walls, floors and furniture – by taking preventative measures that help protect your home.

If on a cold winter day you find your home with no running water, we hate to to break it to you but your pipes are likely to be frozen. And, if you are one of those people who doubted that this problem would ever happen to you – don’t fret. It is easy to deal with this hassle as long as you know what to do. Follow these simple home remedies to thaw your pipes.

Step 1: Open all water fixtures

From sinks, bathtubs to showers, make sure to open all the water fixtures for both hot and cold lines. If you find that only one faucet is not working, then your only worry will be the pipe connecting to that fixture. If all or most of the faucets aren’t working then it is recommended that you call professionals at frozen pipes repair.

Step 2: Open All Cabinets

The second step is to open the cabinets that enclose the water pipes and turn up the heat in your house to create more heat circulation. This will help to thaw out frozen pipes.

Step 3: Bring in Hot Water

Hot water is one of the quickest ways to thaw frozen pipes. But, this technique will only be possible if you have spare bottles of water with you. Bring the water to boil and securely wrap a towel around the targeted frozen pipe. Slowly and carefully pour the boiling water over the towel-wrapped pipes. Make sure to keep a bucket underneath to collect the runoff water.

Other Pipe Thawing Methods

The other home remedies to thaw pipes include a heat lamp or a blow-dryer. Although these methods are effective, they are a bit slower. A blow-dryer could possibly take hours to completely thaw out all the frozen pipes.

If none of the above thawing solutions seem to work, you may have a pipe that has ruptured from the cold. It is in your best interest to call Santos Water Service & Drain for frozen pipes repair.