Plumbing Mistakes Home owners Commit – Avoid These Plumbing Disasters

Plumbing services should be done by a trained professional, otherwise there can be severe problems with the plumbing systems. Whether its commercial or residential plumbing, the proper maintenance and periodic service is utmost important for maintaining their pristine condition. However, sometimes home owners do some mistakes leading to lot of plumbing chaos and mess. Our technicians of residential plumbing services are often being called up to resolve such self-created issues.

Plumbing Mistakes Frequently Committed By Home owners

  • Leaving the Hoses Connected In Winter – Hoses will eventually cause damage when left outdoors for year. They can even lead to freezing of outdoor tap and water supply pipe.
  • Frequent Use of Drain Cleaner – When used judiciously,drain cleaners can be effective and safe for drains. Frequent use of drain cleaners can lead to corrosion of drain materials that further worsen the clogs.
  • Pouring chemicals Through Septic System – Home owners pour chemicals such as drain cleaner, chlorine bleach etc. directly into the septic tanks. These chemicals harm those crucial waste-eating bacteria that help in cleaning the septic tanks. Thus, it is strongly recommended to avoid pouring such harmful chemicals into the septic tanks.
  • Damaging Hidden Plumbing Pipes – Sometimes screwing and nailing into a wall can lead to pipe damage. Such damages can lead to spray of water hitting the drywall leading to immense structural damages.
  • Pouring Grease and Everything Down the Sink –  Grease and other food items such as flour, rice, potato peels etc. can lead to severe drain clogging. So, it is advised to avoid such habit.
  • Considering Toilet as Trash Can – We find it really easy to flush away anything in the toilet. But, flushing any improper item can lead to acute stoppage of plumbing system.

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