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Plumbing Checklist

Plumbing Checklist To Follow Before Buying A Home

Buying a home is a dream come true for almost all of us. Most of the times, we are so excited that we fail to focus on the crucial elements such as plumbing and drains. Before you purchase a home, make sure it is well built with quality material and have an effective plumbing system. This is important to prevent any future expenses or drain repair issues. Have a complete plumbing checklist in your hand and make sure you keep a keen eye on everything before unpacking your bags.

Some of the crucial aspects of a plumbing checklist include:

  • Drips & Leaks

    As soon as you enter your home, turn the sink faucets and showers on and off. They should completely stop when turned off. In case, a little of water is dripping from the faucet, not only the water is getting wasted but you may even experience leaks in the later stages.

  • Flush Function

    While using the toilet, make sure the flush is working properly. If the handle is stuck somewhere or the flush water is flowing continuously, get them inspected and repaired by a plumber. Don’t forget to test the bathroom faucets to make sure they are pouring hot and cold water effectively.

  • Water Pressure

    When you are using any of the faucets, shower or flush, make sure the water is flowing with the right pressure. If it lacks at making the right water pressure, there might be an underlying problem behind it. Call a plumber to get the issue resolved at the earliest.

So, these are the basics of a plumbing checklist that must follow and check before buying a new home. If you are in need of a professional drain cleaning company in Toronto, feel free to call our experts at Santos Water & Drain.