All You Need to Know About Septic Tanks From Plumbers in Toronto

Septic tank is a necessity – so says any plumber in Toronto. Is there weight in this statement? Yes, it is true to a large extent. But taking care of it or getting it cleaned isn’t something that gets people excited about. People should understand that its maintenance and cleaning shouldn’t be ignored as it may turn hamper home’s plumbing system in the long run.

What are Septic Tanks?

Don’t feel awkward if you have an urge to ask this question as rarely do people know about them. These tanks are typically made out of concrete, plastic or even fiberglass and then buried near your home beneath the ground. Generally large in size, their dimensions, however, vary according to the rooms and occupants in the house.

Septic tank takes in waste water from your house and treats it naturally with the help of sand filters and a clarified liquid effluent disposal method like septic drain field, natural stone fiber filter, peat moss bed etc.

Common Problems with Septic Tanks

Almost all septic tanks at some point in their life encounter cleaning issues. Some common problems with septic tanks are:

  1. Overloading of solid waste in tank can lead to its bed to rise ultimately reducing the overall volume of the tank. Moreover the solid waste makes the water polluted.
  2. Blocked inlet or outlet drains due to accumulation of waste in the tank will cause less amount of water to flow in or flow out from the tank.
  3. Chemicals present inside the tank may damage it and cause leaks that are otherwise difficult to repair. Such a tank can then only be replaced and not repaired.
  4. Clogged/ruptured pipes by plant roots will also lead to less or no water supply. Such a situation needs to be addressed immediately to prevent any further damage.
  5. Development of bio-films on the drainage pipes also damages them internally. Moreover, it makes the water inside them unfit for daily chores.
  6. Backing-up of waste water in the clear water stream leads to a pool of polluted water which cannot be brought to any use.

Signs of a Problematic Septic Tank

A septic tank that is suffering from a problem will throw three big indications towards you. It is therefore important for you to understand those symptoms so that you can get your septic tank cleaned/treated in time so as to avoid any problems with it. Some signs an un-cleaned septic tank gives include:

  1. Bad/rotten smell from the area around the septic tank
  2. Backing up of water in septic tank into clear water stream
  3. Presence of water near the drain field at ground level

So as to extract the maximum amount of benefit from a sceptic tank, it is important to get it cleaned. We, at Santos Water Service & Drain, are extremely serious about our services and most importantly – our customers. This is the reason why we have become a popular household name when it comes to plumbing contractors in Toronto.