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Why You Must Have A Sump Pump Backup System?

Sump Pumps are self-activating electrical pumps that are designed to safeguard your home from moisture intrusion. They are generally installed below the basement to prevent rising groundwater from getting into your home. These days, if you want to get qualified for proper flood coverage insurance, you must have a sump pump installed in your home; this is the foremost requirement of many insurance companies.

Even there are some companies that offer subsidies to help offset the cost. In Toronto, when we had a combination of heavy rain and lightening, it often leads to a power failure that too for several hours. After such events, homeowners often call our Toronto plumbers to know about what they can do to avoid the flooded basement issues which resulted.

Here are three options to consider…

    1. Find a floor drain near to the sanitary sewer– Most homeowners’ see that their water bills tend to increase during the summer months as compared to winter.This is the time when you use your washing machine more often, so it is important to check the hoses for any leaks.
    2. You can install a water back up system – Homeowners can also consider installing a water back up system. These systems are generally powered by municipal waterline and do a great job of removing up several gallons out of the pit (depending on the model, the pressure of water and discharge head). Be careful about the types of system you buy. There are many units available that are of very questionable quality. You need to install an approved back-flow prevention system that keeps your potable water clean and drinkable.
    3. Install a battery backup system – Installing a battery backup system is a good idea. As during a power outage, with the help of the marine battery, your sump pump will continue to operate. Homeowners with a little technical knowledge can install the system themselves in 2 to 4 hours. Though, it is advised to get the unit professionally installed to ensure code compatibility and peace of mind. Make sure you compare the quality and capacity of the battery before purchasing.

Remember, a faulty sump pump or loss of power puts the basement at risk of a flood. The battery backup system will reduce that threat. So make sure you install a backup system in your home to avoid flooding.

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