Hydro Jetting – Your Ultimate Weapon For Clogged Drains and Sewers

When the drains or sewers are clogged pathetically, when you’ve lost all hope and there seems no way out, then the one thing that can definitely come to your rescue is the – Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning. This technique is an extremely effective one when one needs to get rid of clogged sewer drains. Whether it’s you home, an apartment building, your office or simply a restaurant, any building structure can suffer from the problem of blocked drains. Thus, hydro jetting is the ultimate solution to this problem.

When is it Useful?

Hydro jetting is best applied for those sewers or drains which have never experienced cleaning in their entire working life. Or those that have build up huge amount of sludge due to excessive debris build up. In such a case, snaking the drain won’t do any good as the sludge formed is too hard to cut through for an electric cable. By snaking such kind of drains you might be able to revive them temporarily, but getting them hydro jetted is a more effective technique. Hydro jet actually removes all kinds of debris that has built-up in the drain gradually after prolonged use.


When it comes to grease blockages, then the only viable solution is hydro jetting. The hydro jet drain cleaning machine is actually a unit that is mounted over a truck or a trailer powered by a gasoline engine. The machine tends to pressurize water to 4000 psi approx and then with a hose having a special nozzle attached to it scours the insides of the drain cutting through the debris or grease build up. The nozzle starts rotating due to the high pressure of water and therefore it becomes a water blade. This water blade can cut through the hardest and the baddest sludge possible in a drain. Once this sludge is broken down into small pieces, it can then be easily washed down the sewer system.

Who Can Benefit From Hydro Jetting?

  1. A regular home that suffers from the apathy of sewer clogs can benefit from it because hydro jetting apart from removing debris also cuts through tree roots that might have grown into the sewer line.
  2. An apartment or office building also goes through the same fate but since the volume of debris is much more here as compared to a home, hence the damage is also more. Prolonged grease build up can greatly impact sewer line eventually causing floods in the basement. Thus hydro jetting can be a great solution for them too.
  3. The grease build up in restaurants is phenomenal and therefore they can’t do without hydro jetting. Grease build up in restaurants is really quick, and in some restaurants a sewer line can get impacted in a period of less than 3 months. This eventually causes the bar area, the floor drains and the bathrooms to flood with sewer water.

Hydro jetting can be a saviour when nothing else works on a stubborn clogged drain. We, at Santos Plumbing Services Toronto, have the most advanced plumbing and draining services in Canada. Our drain camera inspection Toronto experts can cure almost any kind of drain. Contact us to get a free quote on our distinguished services.