How To Tackle With Frozen Pipe Issues At Your Home During Winters

Cold winters bring certain problems with themselves one such issue is frozen pipes in Toronto. What else can be more frustrating than looking for a frozen pipe repair in Toronto, in an early morning. While frozen and burst pipes are one of the common issues every home owner in Toronto is facing. But, there are very a few people who actually know the ways to avoid it in the very first place. Some of them call a professional Toronto plumbing service while others try their own hands on a DIY.

While calling a plumbing service is always a good choice but meanwhile you can also try your hands to fix it. To act likewise, you will need to educate yourself about the process to clear the frozen pipes.

Why Does Frozen Pipes Burst?

When water reaches the freezing temperature in winters, it tends to expand. This creates a tremendous stress on the walls of pipes. This stress continues to build up over time and water get completely blocked to flow between the faucet and the pipes. Due to this increased pressure, the pipes eventually burst, leading to a complicated plumbing repair.

Ways To Avoid Frozen Pipe Issues

The pipes which are passing through cold parts of your home are more likely to reach the freezing temperature and eventually get frozen. These susceptible areas are attic, garage and basement of your home. Fortunately, there are plenty of measures that you can timely take to keep pipe freezing and bursting troubles at bay.

  1. Drain Out Water lines

    If the winters are approaching, it is better to clear all the water out of pipes, swimming pools and unused pipe lines. Make sure that you follow the safety directions while opting to do so. This will cut down the chances of building ice in the pipes in the winters.

  2. Close Inside Valves

    Don’t forget to turn off the inside valves which are providing the water supply to the outdoor hose bibs. Completely drain the remaining water which is present in the pipes to avoid freezing and bursting in the near future. This looks like a simple act but most homeowners usually forget it and eventually, suffer from frozen pipes in Toronto.

  3. Insulate Water Pipes

    You must not ignore insulating the water pipes, passing through unheated areas, especially from garage and attic space. Proper insulation can help in maintaining the water temperature above the freezing points which could be of great help for you to solve pipe bursting issues.

  4. Keep Your Garage Door Closed

    Extra attention should be given to keeping the garage doors shut during winters. This can cut down the risk of frozen pipes to a great extent and can act to maintain warm temperatures inside the garage.

  5. Insulate The Unheated Home Spaces

    It would be better if you can opt to insulate the areas of your home which are unheated. This can help in preventing future pipe freezes.

These tips can help you tackle with frozen pipes troubles during winters. They can help you avoid a frozen pipe repair. However, if the situation somehow slips from your hands, it would be better to call a professional Toronto plumbing service without wasting your time.

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