Prevent Home Plumbing from Chilling Winter – Guide to Frozen Pipes Repair

This year a visit from icy blasts of cold can cause your home plumbing to have frozen water pipes Toronto. With winter just around the corner, are your pipes protected?

Nobody wants to wake up on a frosty, cold morning just to find they have no hot water. Neglecting your plumbing during chilly months can lead to heavy expenses – expenses that can be avoided by winterizing your home.

And if a pipe bursts, the costs can easily break your bank. Therefore, before the deep freeze of winter sets in, prevent your home’s plumbing from becoming a victim to this year’s chill by following these tips:

  • Pipes that have already frozen in the past are candidates that need special attention. And, so are the indoor pipes near to the wall, outside hose connections and pipes in the cold area of your house. Keep these pipes protected from the cold.
  • Insulate the areas with exposed pipes. But, remember, insulation alone isn’t enough to prevent pipes from freezing, especially if they are highly vulnerable to the elements or the insulation is insufficient.
  • When insulation is inadequate, consider pipe wrappings entrenched with electrical coils to act as an outside source of heat. Make sure to plug them in if there’s a power outage, or when a cold front hits. Use the one with a built-in thermostat to keep them plugged in all winter.
  • During an extremely cold weather, avoid lowering your thermostat to save electricity bill while you are gone for the day. The dollar you are saving could cost you thousands of dollars in case a frozen water pipe bursts. Instead, turn up the heat and open the doors to interior rooms allowing the heat to circulate throughout your home. Also, make sure to open the doors to bathroom and kitchen cabinets under your sinks so heat could keep the pipes warm.
  • Running water does not freeze very quickly. If the weather is too cold, let a stream of water from the spouts or faucets fall by drops.
  • Know the location of your main water emergency shut-off valve. This can help you save untold property damage and grief if a pipe freezes and bursts in your home. If you are unsure of the location and usage of this valve, contact us. Our professionals in Frozen Pipes Repair will tag it for you and teach you how it works.

While it is good to know what to do in case of a frozen pipe, the easiest way is to avoid it all together. However, if you do experience a frozen or burst pipe, contact Santos Water Service & Drain immediately. Schedule an appointment and our professionals will assess the situation and repair frozen water pipes Toronto.