How Efficient Plumbing can keep your Home Warm in winters

Winters are here and they are here for good! Polar vortex has shown how cruel winters can get if they want to. But when your homes are ready, even harsh cold can become a holiday time to spend with the family. But is your home protected against winters? With advent of winters, the heating bills take a steep rise. Here are a few simple steps from Toronto plumbing services that help heat up your home while using less energy.

Plumbing and Home Heating are Hand In Gloves

As per plumbers in Toronto, most of the heat is lost due to drafts. Installing weather stripping in windows and doors should be installed and maintained on a regular basis. In extreme situation, such as polar vortex, a rolled bath towel can be placed on the bottom of window or door to prevent hot air escape. Another great idea is the draught snake. It can be made from old necktie or fabric scraps. Cat litter or sand also provides good stuffing.

Furnace Filter Maintenance

Furnace works overtime in the winters. It is crucial the furnace is maintained to perform at maximum efficiency. After dirty summer months, the filter is usually chocked with dirt. Even furnaces in basements can get real dirty. This leads to restriction and subsequently blocks hot air flow. Such blockages lead to increased load or increase power consumption by the furnace. No wonder your energy bills shoot up in the winters. If required, change the filter all together.

Old furnaces hardly signify energy savings. If you happen to still protect your home in winters with an old furnace, good luck! Replacing an old furnace with a new one is worth every penny. Modern furnaces offer high energy efficiency. In some cases, the results vary by as much as 50%. In Canada, federal tax credits can help you save more money.

Winter Water Heater Maintenance

When was the last time you paid heed to the water heater? Water heater is the most ignored equipment in your home. Make sure you perform routine maintenance before winters strike. Observe the time taken by the heater to heat the water. Long heating times represent a drop in efficiency. Don’t ignore these early signs of trouble. Water pipes deliver hot water in summer and cold in winters. So, if your pipes are exposed to the weather, call water services experts immediately. Water mains replacement can also be checked during plumber’s visit.

Keep a close watch on the water heater’s overflow drain. These pipes (PVC or Copper) can be hidden or in plain view. It performs the function of releasing the excess water in case of overheating. The constant dripping of water from these pipes indicates that water heater does not permit sufficient expansion to the water. This can cause bursting of water heater if the water is not allowed to expand when heated. Call Toronto plumber services if you notice water dripping regularly from overflow pipe.

Water heaters with dual tanks can lead to abrupt change in water temperature during showers. This can cause health issues as well. The upper and lower portion of the tank should be working in harmony to heat the water simultaneously. If you notice temperature change in water, it is time to contact the plumbers.

Noisy Furnace in Room Indicates Trouble

When furnace in your room starts making weird noises, take the issue seriously. An abrupt increase in the heating costs is another red flag that all is not well with the furnace. Over time, furnaces can become less efficient. Their ability to distribute the heat evenly throughout the home also takes a hit with time. If the rooms are heated unevenly even after adjusting thermostat, then furnace is not working properly. Rattling or banging noise points to a troubled furnace.

Plumbing is a major factor in winter home heating. An inefficient plumbing can lead to high energy bills plus other costly issues. Pay attention to basic plumbing issues before the onslaught of winters to avoid an agony-filled winter experience.