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How to Deal With Plumbing Emergencies

Home owners Should Know How to Deal With Plumbing Emergencies

A plumbing emergency can strike without prior warning. But there is no need to panic. In fact, dealing with plumbing issues (or at least keeping at bay the minor ones until 24 hour plumbers Toronto can get to it) is something DIYers should be familiar with. With simple know-how and some pre-preparations, homeowners can unclog a drain or pipe, or stop a leaky faucet or toilet. Knowing what steps to take when the water starts to flow can save a good amount of time, hassles and money down the lane.

  1. First, find out the location of your home’s main shut-off. The main shut-off valve can usually be located near the water meter. Locating the shut-off valve is the first thing you should do when moving into a new home. And though most plumbing emergencies won’t require you shut off the main valve, it is important for homeowners to equip themselves with the knowledge of its location.

  2. Similarly, it is also important to know how to shut off the water supply to individual fixtures. Shutting off the water to each of the fixtures will stop the flow of water as well as allow you to perform repairs, or wait for 24 hour plumbers Toronto to do so. These valves should be checked at least once a year to make sure they are functioning correctly, in case of emergency.

  3. Homeowners should know how to fix a toilet which is clogged or overflowing – a problem very common in homes. When a toilet is overflowing, turn on the water in a sink or bathtub nearby to stop the toilet from using the water. Then, locate the shut off valve to your toilet and turn the water supply off. This way you’ll be able unclog your toilet using a plunger without worrying about the mess water can create.

  4. If your faucet is leaking or dripping, its crucial to fix it before it ends up costing you a fortune on its repair. Fixing a faucet may require you to replace its o-ring, or disassemble it, clean it, and reassemble it. If you are not able to fix the drippy faucet yourself, simply turn off the valve and call a plumber.

    If these tips do not help you or turn a minor problem into a major one, be sure to have the contact information of an experienced and reliable plumbing company. Santos Water offers the prompt, professional and friendly service you can rely on.Having a plumbing emergency? Call our 24 hour plumbers Toronto.