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Power Flush

5 Signs That Your Central Heating System Need Power Flush

Powerful flushing is a process that utilizes chemicals to flush out any debris that has taken place in your radiator or central heating system. Regular use of power flushing can help to keep your central heating system running for maximum time.

However, it can be difficult for an individual to determine when their heating system requires a power flush. So here is a composed list of ways to detect your system and find it ready for the power flush.

Signs You Need Power Flush

  • Inefficiency & Lost Heat
    The sludge, dust, rust and debris build up in the radiators, boilers and pipes. These build up blocks the flow of the water throughout the heating system and also prevents heat reaching all around and results in poor performance of your heating system.
  • Cold Spots On Radiators
    In case your radiator is hot at the top and cold at the bottom, your heating system might have sludge. Builds upon iron oxide sludge causes cold spots. Being heavier than water, it gathers at the bottom and restricts the flow of hot water.
  • Dirty Water Bleeding Radiators
    However bleeding radiator improves the heat circulation and convection, but bleeding discoloured water is a sign it requires the power flush.
  • Pump Or Valve Seizure & Failure
    Black oxide sludge increases the risk of wear and tear on the bearings and the shaft. It results in pumps seizing and failing. In addition to this, a stuck valve also causes an inefficient radiator.
  • Little Or No Hot Water
    Blocked pipes and heat exchanger due to build up cause the heating system to deliver little or no hot water services.

On noticing the signs mentioned above, call us at Santos Water to get the professional power flushing services in Toronto. Our skilled technicians utilize the latest tools and practices to deliver long-lasting results.