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Kitchen Drains

Effective Tips To Unclog Your Kitchen Drains

With water pollutants on a constant rise, facing severe drainage issues is becoming a common problem. May it be kitchen or bathroom drains, one can witness them overflowing one or the other day. Living inside a property that consist of clogged pipes and drain is quite frustrating. To prevent this helpless situation, a homeowner should clean and maintain all the pipes and sinks regularly.

There is also a need to keep a check on the items that are thrown inside the kitchen drains like food crumbs, pieces of raw vegetables, greasy remains etc. to avoid frequent clogging. Before calling in a professional plumber to unclog your kitchen drains, try some effective remedies that are proven to dislodge the contaminants.

Few tips to follow while dealing with kitchen drains are:

  1. Use Plunger

    Plungers are handy tools that can be used to fix minor clogs in the kitchen sink. Put slight pressure on the clog using a plunger and revolve it until the pipe gets dislodged. With little efforts, one can notice the water clearing and flowing down from the sink.

  2. Use Solvents

    Solvents are strong enough to dissolve any contaminant that is stuck inside the pipe. If your kitchen sink is overflowing or clogged badly, opt for using solvents that can dissolve the food particles or grease components which are responsible for blocked pipes.

  3. Use Baking Powder

    If you are looking for a homemade remedy that can clean away the kitchen sink and pipe, then baking powder is an ideal choice. It acts as a solvent that is used in mixture with vinegar and boiling water. For effective results, make sure that you leave this mixture in the blocked pipe for an hour or so.

  4. Use Waste Disposal Unit

    To prevent drainage issue, ask your plumber to install garburator or garbage disposal unit in your kitchen. This waste disposal can break the disposed food crumbs into smaller pieces that makes them easy to flow through small pipes.

These are some of the easy tips that can help a homeowner in getting rid of kitchen clogs. Minor clogs and pipe issues can be resolved without taking assistance of professionals. In case, your residential drainage system is clogged badly, call in our drain cleaning experts at Santos Water & Drain Service right away.