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The Common Causes of Home Sewer Line Blockage

The Common Causes of Home Sewer Line Blockage

Sewer lines are something that helps transport waste water from the home to underground main sewer lines. Clog sewer line is every homeowner’s worst nightmare and at least once every one face this problem in their life. It is not fun to think about sewage problem and it can happen to anyone at any time.

Main sewer line clog is the main cause water to back up out of a plumbing or drain system. It can a cause a gurgling sound coming from your drain or plumbing system. Homeowners take their sewer lines for granted and don’t think about them until there is an issue. Clog sewer can cause issues as small as slow drain and as major as overflowing toilets. Here our professionals outlined a few reasons for sewer line clogs.

  1. Tree roots

    A common cause of sewer blockage is tree roots. If you live in an old house, it can be a main problem. In newer houses, the common sources of blockage include famine hygiene products, paper towels, soap scums and others. As per experts slow flowing drains and gurgling sound from drain system or toilet bowls are the first signs that the sewer system is being affected by tree roots.

  2. Foreign objects

    Items that are flush down the toilet are the main cause of sewage line blockage. Whether you don’t think it will happen to you or don’t realize the consequences of this, the truth is the problem can occur at any time. The most common objects are cat litter, tampons, oil, baby diapers, grease and hair.

  3. Narrow sewer lines

    Some old lines are narrow and they will occasionally become blocked. Today’s sewer pipes perform better and older pipes need to be refitted. If you have older pipe lines in your house, you need to think about replacing them with new pipes.

  4. Grease

    This blockage problem occurs in sanitary and waste lines from dishwasher, kitchen sink and garbage disposer. When you put down food debris and other things into the drain system, the sewer line will be blocked. It can be reduced by occasional water jetting and a chemical treatment formulated for grease removal.

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