Common Causes For Bathroom Clogs and How to Deal with Them

One of the most common issues that a plumber Toronto is called for is to take care of clogged bathroom sinks, showers and tubs. Every home in Canada has to deal with a clogging in their bathroom at least once every year. Many clogs can easily be taken care of using a basic plunger, but sometimes when plungers aren’t enough, you will need help of a skilled plumber Toronto to solve the problem. Lets have a look at some of the most common causes for bathroom clogs:

Human Hair

Hair have the tendency to heap together over time, especially in the bathroom drains. They accumulate in the sludge, settle down in the p-trap of the pipes where they tangle and concentrate. Plumbers use their specialized drain snakes to get rid of thick clogs caused by hair.

Soap Scum

Soap scum is another major cause of buildup in drain pipes, to an extent where it can block up a drain completely. The scum creates acidic chemical compounds as it gathers inside your drain pipe, and these compounds can cause damage to your pipe’s interior. It is important for you to call plumber Toronto to solve this problem effectively.

Small Objects

If you have pets, children or a clumsy family member in your home, it is very likely for small objects to find their way into the sink and drain. It is crucial to catch these objects before they go too far into the drain. A plumber can find the object that is causing your drain to clog and remove it so that you can have a well-functioning drain. Even if the object that fell in the drain is too small, it is recommended to have a plumber remove it so that it does not cause materials to build up and cause a clog.

Never Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner

Most homeowners try to handle a clog in their bathroom drains by attacking it with a chemical cleaner bought from a local store. Unfortunately, this decision is not a very wise one. These chemicals are very acidic, and can be extremely harmful to drain pipes. These chemicals also develop toxic fumes which can be harmful to your family. Instead of going for Do-It-Yourself methods that can unknowingly cause harm to your family, call a plumber.

Take Help of a Professional

To prevent the clog from reaching an unmanageable level, homeowners should call a plumber Toronto immediately. When in need of professional plumbing service in Toronto, think Santos Water Service & Drain first. Our professionals have the skills, experience and expertise necessary to remove clogs, install a backflow preventer and solve other plumbing issues. We are also available 24/7 for emergencies.

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