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November 14 2017 0comment
Sink Cleaning

3 Useful Ways To Clean The Sink Trap

With your own negligence, your sink trap easily becomes a victim of unwanted hair, soap residue, food particles and oil. These few elements occur a clog in drainage system which further leads to severe water damages. In order to clean your sink trap and keep it away from clogs, a use of few tools and […]

August 20 2016 0comment
Sink Problems

Tips to Solve the Most Common Sink Problems

Clogged drains and leaky faucets are always bothersome. Homeowners often have to deal with clogged bathroom and kitchen sinks. These are the areas which are used on a daily basis and often get clogged for one reason or another. Most of the times, kitchen and bathroom sinks get blocked due to: Lint Hair Cooking oils [...]