Do’s & Don’t s Of Basement Waterproofing

There is an old byword that ‘you get what you pay for’. This applies to a lot of things in life including purchasing clothes, household goods or any other thing. The same philosophy applies to home repairs as well particularly basement waterproofing. In Toronto, there are numerous plumbing companies that aim to deliver high quality work, affordable prices and excellent customer service. They promise to provide you true value for the money. But do they? Here are some tips to serve as benchmark for measuring basement waterproofing services.

A to Z of Basement Waterproofing

  • Remember, all basement waterproofing products are not of equal quality. They can be good or bad just like any other thing. The quality of the product relies on the brand you chose. Make sure you do a little homework before buying any waterproofing product.
  • When it comes to waterproofing your basement, you can’t trust on an amateur contractor. Make sure you hire a knowledgeable team of technicians equipped with latest tools and know the essential repair methodologies.
  • Basement water problems can be solved with numerous techniques such as sealing window edges, plugging wall cracks and much more. Structural or water pipe damages are difficult to solve with simple waterproofing.
  • If the plumbing contractors inspect that your property foundation has shifted or has damaged severely, waterproof membrane won’t be an effective solution to eliminate the problem.

Things To Do

If you encounter some serious foundation issues, consult reliable plumbing contractors to resolve the issue. Make sure the plumbing contractors are competent of handling the job adroitly.

  • Hire qualified and certified plumbing professionals, ask them to visually inspect your place before providing with the solutions.
  • Ask for references and their experience in the plumbing service industry.
  • Ask educated questions to judge their reliability.
  • You may also ask for a sealed interior drain system.

Things You Should Never Do

  • Don’t try to imitate the waterproofing techniques that you are doubtful of. You don’t have sufficient knowledge and tools to perform such tasks.
  • Don’t solely rely on advertisement to make your decision about a product or service. Browse over some sites and look for their experience and read the reviews of other people about their services.
  • Ensure that you get true value for your money. Remember to get what you pay for.
  • Never let any contractor excavate your property without a written contract and warranty.
  • Make sure you make the payment after the project is completed and inspected.

These are a few critical tips that people need to think over before executing with their basement waterproofing project.

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