Why Basement Remains Damp? And How to Prevent It.

A leaky basement is the most common problem thousands of homeowners encounter across Toronto and surrounding areas. At some point of time, the Canadian basements are most likely to suffer from minor to serious plumbing problems. However, this doesn’t mean that the homes of Canada are poorly constructed. Its just that some mere faults in the outdoor drainage system can lead to such nuisance. Our plumbing services Toronto experts will throw light on the biggest factors playing significant role leading to a leaky basement scenario.

Leaky basements are a huge pain for unsuspecting homeowners. They make your basement a no-go zone due to immense foul odor and unhygienic conditions. Moreover, they cost considerable amount of money to get fixed. It is not always necessary to seek professional help for a leaky basement. There are some outdoor factors needed to avoided that leads the rainwater towards the foundation walls of your property. You need to think for the ways that can stop water from being directed towards the basement walls.

How to Prevent a Damp Leaky Basement

  • Landscaping – First have a look at your yard and its gradient. The landscape sloping towards the home will more likely direct water that way. Your lawn, flower beds and other area of land must slope away from the home. Weather causes erosion in these areas that leads to change in the gradient over the time. Thus, you need to keep an eye on the landscape of your home.
  • A leaky basement is common in older properties than the newer build due to the back-filled soil that get settled and sunk over the time causing negative gradient.

  • Patios –

    People often design and construct patio area in their back yard. However, if the lawn is set higher up than patio, it will lead the rainwater directly towards the basement walls, resulting leaky basement. If you encounter severe leaky basement, it is advised to re-built your patio area so that the surface can be guided away from the home.

  • Driveways –

    Just like unplanned patio areas, driveways can also inadvertently direct water towards your home. Over the time, parts of your drive change the gradient of the driveway. The best way to overcome this problem is to build a small concrete barrier around the home leading the water to the nearest drainage point.

  • Downspouts–

    A poorly planned downspout and roof drainage system can be the root cause of numerous problems including a leaky basement. The downspout is meant to efficiently remove the rainwater off the roof. Sometimes, these downspouts discharge water next to your home wall. The water discharge isn’t just a small amount rather can be hundreds of gallons a day especially during rainy periods of the year. Make sure the downspouts aren’t dumping water at your home’s foundation.

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