BackFlow Preventer Can Prevent Hazards To Your Health

Most people have seen a backflow preventer, but do not really know how it works or why they have it. First lets learn what a backflow is.

Backflow occurs when the flow of water reverses from its destined direction. The changes in the water pressure can create a suction effect causing water to flow in the reverse direction, and into the public supply.

A water backflow can also be a result of a ‘cross connection’ within the water systems. It can cause non potable water to mix with your home’s drinking water and in some cases, with the main water line that serves your community. Without any barriers, it is difficult to prevent water from the plumbing systems and industrial plants to flow into the public systems. This is when a backflow device comes to the rescue.

Backflow Preventers

These devices are an excellent choice to prevent the main water source from getting contaminated. It allows the water systems to protect the health and welfare of general public by keeping problems with cross connections and water line at bay.

How do they Work?

Even though different types of water backflow preventers are designed to function differently, their basic principle remains the same. The flap or the backflow valve of the preventer remains open in an easy position allowing water to pass through it easily. But, if the water starts flowing in the backward direction, the force of its flow lifts the flap up which obstructs that backward flow of water. In case, the backflow still continues, the gate of the preventer gets closed making a mechanical seal to deter the water that is flowing in an unintended direction. As soon as the water flow reduces, the gate goes back to its original position.

The installation of backflow prevention devices have become mandatory for all homes and properties. It is best to rely on a skilled plumber Toronto when you are faced with decisions such as these.

Why Should You Consider Installing Backflow Preventers?

If you are still unsure whether you should be installing backflow devices in your home/office or not, we will give you a good enough reason to go in the favor of this decision.

The water you use for drinking and cooking purposes shares the same source of water supply which sends water for irrigation purposes. When the water that has been used in your garden gets drawn back in the main water supply, it carries the fertilizers and pesticides along with it causing your drinking water to pollute. And, the effects of contaminated water to your health do not need any explanations. Therefore, the backflow valves are the perfect saviors when it comes to maintaining your health.

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