Avoid Toronto Plumbing Problems: Hire An Experienced Plumber!

Hire An Experienced Plumber

Don’t think that your Toronto plumbing problems need services of an experienced plumber? When homeowners attempt to repair problems themselves or hire an inexperienced plumber for the job, chaos breaks loose. If you haven’t experienced a plumbing nightmare before, be thankful. But give thought to these warnings of situations that can go wrong:

  1. Code violations
    Do-It-Yourself mistakes such as a plumbing drain that doesn’t slope correctly can lead to severe clogs. If the pipes have greater slope, the water and waste will move too quickly through the pipes, leaving the solid material behind. Result? Recurring clogging, code violations — and expensive repairs. Don’t want to repeatedly suffer a clogged toilet? Then use a professional for drain repair Toronto.
  2. Poor installation
    A DIY attempt or an inexperienced plumber to install the plumbing in a renovated or new bathroom or kitchen often goes poor when it comes to venting the traps. Traps are an essential layer of protection between your home and the sewer gases. Without these traps, hazardous waste gases enter into your home, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. There’s nothing worse than having your home smell like a sewage, and being exposed to it is also harmful to your health.
  3. Wrong measurements
    Using incorrect measurements while roughing in a toilet can lead to a catastrophe. Building codes require a specific distance between the wall and pipe outlet for proper installation of the toilet. There’s no need of wasting your hard-earned money on plumbing problems like these.
  4. Using the wrong tools and equipments
    Novices are known for trying different kinds of fixes, such as trying to unclog a toilet with a cheap drain snake, which will only cause damage to the toilet. Another novice mistake: Not using the right size snake for the job. It is important to note that the right tool for a shower drain won’t work for a washing machine drain. Instead of trying things with tools you already have, let the professionals get to work.

You already know it: A Toronto plumbing company will help you avoid these costly problems. Mistakes like using the wrong tool or pipe can negatively affect your plumbing system, cost you dollars to fix and consume your valuable time. For the best service when facing a plumbing problem, contact
Santos Water. We serve all your plumbing needs in Toronto.