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Burst Pipe

5 Things To Do After Discovering a Burst Pipe

Drainage system of a home is one of the most important aspect of a healthy and prosperous home. Normal life can get disrupted to a great extent, if there is any kind of drainage or plumbing issue. One of the most common drainage issue is the clogged drain, which really is very irritating. A less common but highly dangerous drainage problem is associated with the bursting of a pipe.

All your drainage system is dependent on the pipes for a smooth water flow operation. When something like this bursts out, it can disrupt or completely fail a drainage system. Don’t worry, we will explain you how to deal with a burst pipe.

Follow These 5 Tips After Discovering a Burst Pipe

  1. Turn Off The Valve
  2. The first and foremost thing to do after discovering a burst pipe is to turn off the ‘stop’ valve immediately. This is extremely essential as this will stop the water from creating more damage by over flowing. The only water to deal with will be the one already present in your drainage system.

  3. Keep All Your Faucets Open
  4. Keeping all your faucets open will help in draining the remaining water through your bath, sinks and basins. All this water will be heading towards the burst pipe, if you forget to turn on these faucets. This will help in minimizing the water damage to your home and belongings through the burst pipe.

  5. Turn off Your Furnace / Boiler
  6. Turning off the furnace/ boiler will help in preventing any hot water to leak through the burst pipe. This can be very dangerous as hot water can really injure you or any of your family member. Since you have already turned off the main water supply, forgetting to turn off the furnace/boiler can lead to boiling an empty tank, making it prone to getting severely damaged.

  7. Keep Important Things Away
  8. Water popping out of a burst pipe can seriously damage your belongings including furniture, appliances etc. It is important to realize that not each and everything gets covered in the insurance list. There might be things which won’t even get repaired but demand total replacement. So, before water moves out of the burst pipe, you move the important items to a safe place!

  9. Turn Off The Electricity
  10. Turning off the main electrical switch is extremely important as you don’t want the water coming out of the burst pipe to come in contact with any electrical appliance or socket. This safety precaution is extremely important as it prevents you from getting a lethal electric shock. Your kids and pets are at the more receiving ends, so don’t forget to turn off the electricity at all.

Need Professional Help?

Dealing with a burst pipe is not a D-I-Y job and requires proper experience and expertise. You may end up creating more damage than before. Santos Water is a leading plumping and drain cleaning service company in Toronto. Our trained professionals will safely deal with all your plumping issues, offering quick and permanent solutions.